The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch (2008)

I rented this movie at Redbox. One of those movies I never heard of. But after watching the movie trailer I got it. After watching this movie I would describe it as a spy movie. It’s the high stakes corporate world. As you can imagine when theres tons of money involved people are gonna get hurt and double cross forget about it. It was a nice surprise to find this hidden gem. The movie was 180 min and worth the time. There is some subtitles but mainly spoken in English.

The trouble starts when Billionaire Neiro Winch is murdered. The company fears takeovers by the competition. They set out to find adoptive son. Largo Winch who is the heir to his fathers shares controlling the company. Largo’s only interest is to find the killer. In the process becoming the man his father intended all along. In temporary control is Ann Ferguson played by Kristin Scott Thomas. She plays a very good business woman. Largo seems a troubled person. Looking to find himself. I like the way the movie recalls his childhood. He has the education and even fighting skills from the academy. Early on he wants to leave it all behind. Seems it would be hard for anyone to walk away from such fortune. Only a kid from a billionaire would ever think of walking away. Melanie Theirry plays an interesting part. Not sure how to describe her. Maybe a hustler looking for a score. One thing for sure she is beautiful and men can’t help falling for her.

The main part of the movie is to establish the future of the company. Largo must prove he is the heir. There are forces working against him. But who is really pulling the strings is the fun part. Throughout the movie we get flash backs of Largo’s past. I think more of his past would of added to the movie. Some fighting scenes along the way. The pace of the movie was good. The cast blended very well including Steven Waddington as the bad guy. The movie shows a world with yachts and helicopters taking you anywhere. Some remote Island but seems to lack any flashy luxury. Were suppose to be talking big money. It’s a small thing really. I would recommend this flick for sure. A little bit of everything in nice proportions. If your looking for huge production with lots of excess, well not here. The story has enough interest without the bling. Best of all for a buck! Well sort of 😀