Seen you

For so long
vacant from your eyes
I quit looking at the door

thinking I’ve moved on
looking towards the horizon
I’m my worst enemy

It’s all a dirty lie
nothing exist
truth crushes

You appear yet again
heart pounds my chest
I’m reduced to rubble

When I see you
tell myself it’s not her
looking away haste, so foolish

In my own dimension
shake this illusion
minds barrier

looking around their faces
no one has noticed
nothing has changed

walk among the dead
or am I a ghost
holding on childlike fears

seen you there
you are beautiful”

© 2015 BoogieStu



Only whisper his name
ageless count
devil to some

dreams his tool
seduction a ruse
to need the path

warned from start
you believe exception
yet bite sinks deep

our ritual so dear
magical dance silhouette
entwined souls acquiesce

but alas nite dies
your tears certainty
forever I’am outcast

pierced flesh heal
but scar deeper still
innocent no longer exudes

you must admit irony
the nite no longer so chilled
of each others traces transcribed

© 2015 BoogieStu


Dust settles
tears are dry
wind clearing

existence questioned
fragile meaning
or chaos rules

loves rays
spirit blossoms
against malevolence

sun rose
covered by clouds
in coldest times

this is life they say
live in the moment
our demise our future

no wisdom here
only a choice
love or hate

each will burn
only one with grace
feel warm tears and know

© 2015 BoogieStu


The wicked and timid
to tell the story
heroes once been

those bright stars
gone so quickly
from our shoulders
only tears remain

sing praise
heroes lead
shatter comfort
stir longing

afraid we hide
gazing up
heroes reach
never letting go

we stand
only to realize
our heroes
now gone

in loving memory of Patty Chin

© 2014 BoogieStu


equilibrium teetering
smiles & tears
hourly forecast

winds hinder
perfume tracks
here & gone

change inevitable
missionaries plea
save your soul

close eyes
breath deeply
rhythm emerge

feel sun rise
sails take flight
again and again

your smile
those eyes
soft whisper

only a dream
alive still
reaching far

© 2014 BoogieStu