The Loved Ones (2009)

On a side note it seems to me Australian Movies have a 70’s or 80’s feel. I wonder if anybody else gets that. Anyway I’m been wanting to see this movie for a while. It just got my attention. Perhaps because I like dark and twisted movies. This movie does not disappoint hahaha! Yes this is not for anyone with a heart condition. If you don’t like blood or a not happy ending Id advice stay away from this movie. Can you tell how excited I am to tell you about this gem of a flick!

Starring Xavier Samuel as Brent. A troubled teen after a fatal accident while he was driving with his father. Brent is buddies with Jamie played by Richard Wilson who has a crush on sexy Mia played by Jessica McNamee who is also troubled by the loss of her brother. A girl named Lola Princess played by Robin McLeavy decides to ask Brent to the Prom dance. Brent has a girlfriend Holly played by Victoria Thaine. Everything seems pretty normal in a typical suburbia. Brent gets into a fight with his mother. He decides to go relax at a favorite spot. Without warning he is kidnapped. His mother realizes something is wrong when they see a beaten family dog. Holly contacts the local police. With no clues to his whereabouts. Brent is at the mercy of his kidnapper. Psycho Serial Killers comes to mind.

To me the flow and story are very good. Lola is all out crazy!! She is great along with her father doing anything his little girl ask of him. Brent although he doesn’t speak much carries his terror very good. Some scenes are left to the viewers imagination which works for me. Unlike other movies the movie portrays the suffering of many people who loved somebody. That is why I think the ending is not exactly uplifting. Overall I was enjoying being shocked waiting for the next scene. I haven’t had this much fun in a while. Any true fan of Terror, this is one not to miss. Sleep well kiddies! Hahaha!


The Raven (2012)

I don’t know about Edgar Allan Poe. But many have seen his pendulum method of killing someone. Mainly a detective style movie chasing a formidable serial killer. Playing with the mystery of Poe’s death. The story taps into possible events leading to his death. Someone starts killing similar to Poe’s writings. A detective has Poe join him in effort to figure the killers next move. I had no idea what I was getting into here. All I knew it stars John Cusack and it was a mystery.

Starring John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe. Not really a success but perhaps potential as a writer in this story. With a love interest Emily Hamilton played by Alice Eve. Ms Eve was great in Out of my League. For fun Emily’s father hates Poe. Captain Hamilton played by Brendan Gleeson. Also Detective Fields played by Luke Evans. Detective Fields is young and willing to incorporate science and diligent work to get his criminal. Opening the door to enlist the help from Poe. I thought the two worked well together. The other half is of course the killer. Most of the time he is a mystery. We just see his handy work. It’s very common once we see who the killer is we are a bit disappointed. Something to do with are expectation never really live up to our imagination.

I didn’t have any expectation and so I’m pleasantly surprised that I liked the movie. The pace of the movie and the story developing was good. At least to me the gore was not too heavy. Enough to keep the interest. I did not know the killer until it was obvious, I hate that when I don’t figure it out sooner. I can’t say Cusack was stellar but good enough. The cast fit the story and that’s good. To me the story and the time period was very good. I guess that would also include the directing. Just in time for October and Halloween. I would recommend this movie as a good rental.

Savages (2012)

The movie trailer makes this movie look good. Some reviews pretty low but Blake Lively what can I say. At least this is how it started. The movie was good but once again how can you have a character with sex appeal and can’t even take her dress off. Her character has sex with both guys does drugs but can’t show some skin. Couldn’t they find the right actress with some guts. Am I wrong maybe but this is the role and type of movie. I’m not watching some comedy here. Lets make half a movie because if we cast a big name it will be a hit. Ah! How did that work for you. Ok enough of that.

For me one woman and two guys is a ridiculous idea, what ever. Taylor Kitsch as Chon is ex soldier his the muscle. Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Ben the smart guy that grows incredible marijuana. Life is wonderful for the three until a Mexico cartel wants to partner up. The cartel is run by Elena played by Salma Hayek. I liked seeing Hayek in this role. Her enforcer is Lado played by Benicio Del Toro. He makes it convincing his a creepy killer. To mix stuff up John Travolta plays Dennis DEA agent. Travolta did alright but his hair is just wrong. The cartel needs them to join them but the boys don’t want any part of it. The cartel kidnap O. Blake Lively plays O in case you didn’t know.

What I like the most from this movie was the action. Chon with his ex Navy Seal buddies put on a good show. I mean they kick some ass. The cartel is equally vicious which makes me very happy. There was a cat and mouse chase between the two parties. Some computer hacking and intel gathering to build up the action. I think the cast was good. The bad guys did a better job building interest. Chon and Ben see the violence from the cartel and call them savages. Lado during surveillance sees the three having sex and calls them savages. For some reason that was funny to me. The movie has a duo ending which seem to fit here. Some good action worth recommending. The movie tries to be retrospective with O as a narrator which didn’t do much for me. Well as I read my own review I see its a split 50/50. Still worth a rental I think.

Headhunters (2011)

This is one of those movies I don’t know what to expect. Really out of boredom I come across this movie. A bit of cat and mouse play. As the story unfolds not sure what is going on. Aksel Hennie as Roger Brown develops as a sort of underdog. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Clas Greve seems harmless but soon his true nature comes out as a cold blooded killer. Synnove Macody Lund as Diana Brown as the beautiful wife of Roger Brown. Is she with her husband or with Clas Greve. The movie has a good pace. The action is enough to mix well with the story and keeps the suspense.

To add to the story Roger and Diana have relationship problems over having a baby. Roger has an interesting partner Ove Kjikerud played by Elvind Sanders. Rogers has a mistress Lotte played by Julie R. Olgaard. It all seems separate but in the end it ties up nicely. I really enjoyed how Roger would find himself in impossible situations but find a way out more than once. I think the film pokes fun at human insecurities. Roger mentions more than once about being 5′ 6” tall. Under extreme conditions Rogers finds out what his made of. And lucky for me its entertaining to watch. Yes its a foreign film with subtitles but another example of good film out there. Don’t let a little reading get in the way of a fun film.

The Avengers (2012)

Finally out on Blu-Ray. Never did make it out to the theater to see this movie. Everyone said it was great. I had high expectations and my only regret is not having popcorn on hand. I never got into comic’s in my youth but I see its appeal. Sci-fi well thats just plain fun. Going into this film, I was a fan of Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. you’ve come a long way baby.
I didn’t care for Thor too much. In his own movie I kept thinking this guy isn’t too smart. Maybe you could argue it was his brother and thus the hope to come to terms in a peaceful way. See I’m already getting sleepy. Hahaha I don’t know how I feel about Nick Fury, Pepper Potts seen out of character to me. Not sure but maybe too much makeup or something seem off. Now! Agent Phil Coulson and Captain America I thought they were going to kiss. Let’s keep it clean fellows!

To my surprise as very pretty and she held her own considering the company. Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill. I like Edward Norton and his role as Hulk. I did not consider his character as playful. To me Mark Ruffalo takes the Hulk to a cool version. He beats up Loki without any effort and then he talks. But the funniest part is when Hulk punches Thor just for fun, come on thats great stuff. Tony Stark/Iron Man is as before just more of it. Bad boy millionaire turns super hero. Downey gets the smart and smart ass lines and he plays it for all its worth. If you don’t see that as good old fun then I give up. Perhaps I’m the last one to see the Avengers but hey! Did I almost forget Black Widow. A sexy assassin how could you go wrong. I like Scarlett Johansson but I think playing sexy roles and playing it safe just gets boring pretty soon. Do what you want I just expect a certain risk to be a provocative role. I don’t mean in the Avengers, I mean in past roles. You wanna be the nice girl play the nice girl. Where did this come from some past resentment of longing I would presume. Hahaha!
Back to the Avengers it’s great I love it, glad I got the Blu-Ray.