Camacho Corojo

This cigar is been in my humidor for a while. A good looking reddish wrapper. Nice soft touch promising a good smoke. The size is about 5 x 54 I don’t really know for sure but close enough. As I understand its a puro meaning its all a corojo cigar. It seems uncertain to me about a corojo wrapper. Some say its a strong leave. Other cigars with corojo have been medium in strength. I guess depending what else the cigar is comprised. Before lighting the cigar, it doesn’t have any particular smell. It lights very quickly and creating a ton of smoke. The smoke seem smooth with a hint of earthy tone. I loved how much smoke the cigar makes. During the smoke I would tell you this was a medium strength cigar. After I was done smoking this cigar I felt its full strength. I began a sweat develop top of my forehead. Soon following my stomach gets a heavy dose. It’s a strange feeling. Not really sick but close to the point of discomfort. I don’t think I really care for the feeling. I have experienced this before but not as intense as a Camacho cigar. It’s possible an empty stomach might increase this but I don’t know. Another side might be I haven’t been smoking much these days. I prefer more of a medium strength cigar. It shows me how full flavor and full body are very different aspect of cigars. An example reminds me of Sancho Panza double maduro a full flavor cigar but medium body at least to me. I do remember having a Camacho Havana that had the same feeling after smoking. So this is confusing because I enjoyed the smoke but the price afterwards makes me reluctant to try again.


Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur

With cooler days ahead I decided to step out side and have a smoke. Then the question what to smoke? It’s been a while since I bought cigars. There are always the usual sure smoke. But I decided on Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur. Not exactly sure the size, it’s about 6 x 48. A natural Connecticut shade wrapper. This wrapper is like leather, I mean looks and feels just like leather. The wrapper didn’t have much of a smell to it which turns out to be curious. On the Internet the description says full flavored or even full bodied. But first the presentation this cigar looks top quality. Once lit I got a bit of a bitter taste. It seem this was going to be a terrible smoke for me. I remember smoking this cigar before it’s been a while but I had good memories of the experience. Giving it a fair chance about a quarter of white ash the cigar settled into a smooth mild cigar. The ash besides being white was very firm in its shape. At one point I noticed a hint of spice but that was it so not very complex. It felt a relaxing smoke and I did enjoy the mildness. Reading a book at the time seem a perfect smoke. Not very creamy, more dry don’t know if this is normal or perhaps my humidor change effecting the smoke is possible. If you buy on line a box of 20 is about $4 each. That is pretty affordable but not jumping up to get. I’ll say again this would only be the second cigar I have smoke of the same brand. Not exactly the best to say more. The midway seem the best part. I left about 1 ½” of the cigar so not too bad. I don’t really like mild cigars I prefer between medium to full bodied. That is probably the biggest factor in buying a box. I’m sure I will buy another single and give it another afternoon smoke.

Leon Jimenes

I got this cigar from a La Aurora sampler. This cigar is a Robusto 5 X 50. The wrapper is a very nice looking Connecticut with Dominican binder and filler. Appearance and aroma was promising also like the cigar ban very nice. I like when a Connecticut wrapper has a nice look of leather with a little fuzz on it. Once cut it had a good draw before lighting. Once lit lots of smoke and started a nice even burn. The ash was Grey and pretty tight shape which is always curious to me. One down point for me it seem to have an unpleasant after taste. I don’t know for sure if its harsh or something kind of musky either way not appealing to me. I made one adjustment and re-lit towards the end. The cigar smoked the same from start to finish. I found it very mild which is not really my preference. This is my first time smoking this cigar it has not left a good impression. I don’t think I would try again. That said the cigar did have its moments but that after taste was not welcomed. You could find them at a low price. I find the price range might reflect what your getting. I read La Aurora makes them but I feel I was sold something else when I thought I was getting La Aurora cigars. Reminds you to look at the fine print. Live and learn baby!

Montecristo Xanadu

I like to pick one of these at the local smoke shop from time to time. It’s been resting peacefully in my humidor for a while now. I’ve had this cigar before and it was a pleasure to smoke. I believe its a Robusto size 5 X 50. Glass tubes wrapped in cedar. I like its looks with the usual band of Montecristo. Nicaragua wrapper, Dominican binder and filler. This cigar had some discoloration of maybe a film of something. Cutting it I think I cracked the wrapper a bit. Did not affect the draw at all in fact the draw was perfect. Surprising to me it seem a bit dry. I need to check my humidor we can’t have the wrong humidity. Still with these issues the cigars quality stood out. It’s suppose to be a full bodied cigar. I found it very mild with a creamy taste. The aroma around me was nice. Even burn without any re-lightning & a long ash. With the day being so nice and a Xanadu cigar makes even Kings jealous. The cigar burn pretty quick but I enjoyed it just the same. Towards the end there was a lot spice on my tongue. Not as memorable as I remember but I would buy again. I don’t think I would buy a box but I like it once in a while smoke. It’s mostly Montecristo tends to be more expensive and I think there are just as good cigars for less, that’s just me.

Don Lino Africa

Don Lino Africa Duma is a robusto size 5 X 50. Looking at this cigar it has a nice feel and appearance from the Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. Nicaraguan Binder with fillers Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua. The wrapper has a peppery taste and smells nice. The cigar is firm with a slight crack at the foot but did not matter. Once lit the draw was decent with a very white ash. It appears very smooth at one point I sense a hint of cedar but quickly faded. As I write there is a lingering in my nose of pleasant earthy tones. I would of liked the cedar to of been more present or other tones but it was a consistent earth throughout. Not bad but not particularly interesting. The burn needed some adjusting but this cigar burn incredibly slow. I smoked it down quite a bit. It was after that I felt its strength in my stomach. I feel mixed about this cigar. It seems it should be a great cigar but I can’t shout out on roof tops. I don’t think it was terrible yet something is missing. I got this cigar in a sampler pack and sat in my humidor for some time. I don’t believe I would buy a box but perhaps if I saw them in a store id buy a single just out of curiosity plus I like a change of pace.