A Linux Journey part 3

Theme OrangeLista-DarkIce with Hydroxygen Icons

Theme OrangeLista-DarkIce with Hydroxygen Icons

Sure there are issues but consider the issues with Windows and they have been at it for a while now. Some one out there is thinking you don’t have issues with a Mac. I have very little experience with Macs but I don’t want to pay their prices. Its probably a point of view that always differs. Maybe some one says you get what you pay for. When it comes to shoes I believe pay for the best or food I like the best. With Linux they say its your option. That’s what most people want are choices. Linux besides being free I would not like it if it didn’t work or if it was unstable. There are issues with Linux like itunes. I can transfer files but I can’t use itunes software. Recently I read that is changing and the wrinkles are getting ironed out. Man! I just sounded old. Also using a PSP is still not perfect yet! This is no reason for me to give up on Linux, after all its been so giving to me. Oh! Yeah I found Quick books didn’t work on Linux. I was setting up a Linux machine for a non-profit organization and I thought Linux would be perfect for them. Low cost stable computer from Dell. After set up I had trouble setting up the wireless Internet. But I was so proud when I got it working. So besides Quick books its been working fine. There are alternative programs but some people don’t want to try. But its not like a formal business so they don’t rely on Quick Books it just depends on who is the treasure at the time because its run by volunteers. For picture editing I use GIMP (GNU image manipulation program) I don’t know the full potential of the program but I can usually fix a picture just tweaking the colors or brightness.

Using GIMP I resized the picture in original form

Using GIMP I resized the picture in original form

Using GIMP with effects "coffee stain" & "old photo" artsy!!

Using GIMP with effects "coffee stain" & "old photo" artsy!!

For FTP to a website I just tried gFTP, quick and straight forward no problems. To create and edit web pages I’m using Screem. I installed 7zip just in case the default program didn’t cover any file. Not really sure if I needed it but hey its free. These programs I mentioned are only a few of so many others. Reading the Ubuntu forums you get the feeling there is so much more out there. For example I hear about Inkscape. I yet to try it but its available if I want it. Some cool software I found like Hydrogen is a drum sampler. You have to play with to see how cool it is. There is Tuxguitar a guitar tablature editor and player. Again you have to see it some one created this program and is sharing for all in open source software. This is no cheap program either. This is only scratching the surface. I’m only getting started. Ah! What may lie ahead such an adventure in computer land. And I get to share for any one willing to read on.


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