A Linux Journey part 2

After getting a new computer some time later. As sure as the sun would rise the next morning. There I was itching for something new. I don’t know how but I found myself looking at Ubuntu 7.04 Linux.
There are many Linux Distributions out there to choose from. I seem to understand what I was reading at the Ubuntu web site. In plain English it explained how to burn an .iso image to disc.
I followed the directions and once again I had a dual boot with Windows XP on my computer.linuxcds
Now I don’t think Ubuntu is unique I’m saying it worked best for me. Oh! I didn’t spend money for Ubuntu other than the CD and my time downloading the .iso file. Still not sure of myself. I would use Linux just to experiment really. I was used to Windows XP. I don’t recall when or for any particular reason but I started to use Linux more and more. And guess what I can change the desktop looks in seconds without ever messing with the system. Knock on wood baby! One aspect I liked was the eye candy. The AWN dock like Mac looks nice. The cube effect was nice for a while. After a while I got bored especially when it seem to take a lot of memory. Ok! you must be thinking did he crash the computer using Linux? Well yes I did what kind of a guy do you think I am! My biggest problem has been with the video drivers and my Wall-Mart 26” LCD. While the LCD looks nice seems Linux never heard of the brand Ilo, but really its a compatibility issue that I know others have had. The combo TV/Monitor sounds good its probably a lot to ask or is it. Safer always if your electronics does one thing well. Like buying a true monitor for computers, but what fun is that. Don’t be surprise this issue will be fixed. One thing I’ve notice from the internet we are not that different. Oh! By the way I have a nice LCD monitor for sale with or without computer. Haha! I’m so funny.my_intrepid-810 Today it sounds so funny to think about buying Cd’s for a Linux Distributions. Now I just use a virtual desktop and try out different Linux distributions. Man! Talk about options its been a long road but baby were having fun now! With the virtual desktop I have tested Suse 10.3 which I think is a very nice distributions. More recently I read a review for the release of Suse 11.0 which also commented that early on the community support was small but has grown since. Which I think is one of the strong points of Ubuntu. Other distributions that are popular are Fedora, PCLinuxOS, Sabayon, Mint and Zenwalk. Well I don’t know how popular Zenwalk is but something about it appeals to me.


Using Virtualbox to test run SUSE 11.0


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