A Linux Journey part 1

Well I thought I would recall how I got started using Linux. Anything to help promote Linux is good with me. I have read some forums about Window over Mac and Linux who. Sounds like Linux is still not in the game or is it. So Instead of preaching how evil one is over the other. Lets just talk plain, if you relate to me maybe you will give Linux a try. I should say to me I think of myself about average intermediate computer skills with the curiosity that kills the cat. Especially the early days of Windows XP. I was always messing around and re-Installed the whole system quite often. I found out after so many re-Installs the CD I bought about $189.00 dollars didn’t work any more. I had to call support and explain why I had re-Installed so many times. Call me picky but that was irritating. Some of the tweaks were changing the desktop appearance. I just can’t help it. People I know will ask me how do you know this stuff, after showing them something I learned and thought was pretty cool. I don’t know I just browse the Internet and find things. litestep-desktop-exampleSo I come across Lite-Step. I install and play around with it for a while. Beside messing with the looks of the desktop I got a taste for a UNIX desktop and I thought it had interesting ideas. Like I said I’m no expert, I know it was just a shell for windows but I remember it seemed unstable. So before I had another crash with Windows and yet another reinstall, I went back to the standard. I would mess with the computer on and off. So some time passed I now recall a void because I liked the possibilities especially with having simultaneous desktops working. After some time there I was itching for something different, its a curse to be honest with you. I don’t remember how but in 2005 I found Suse Linux 10.0. I read the web site about how easy it was but I was reluctant to make the jump. Curiosity got the better of me and there I was ordering the package for $60.00 dollars. You get a manual and all the Five Cd’s and a DVD. So I installed Linux, the process created a dual boot for Windows and Linux co-existing in my computer. Small attempt at a joke. Ok! Very bad attempt. Now like the description on the box read. I had a full operating system out of the box. Email, Office Suite and of course Internet. I think today to pay $60.00 dollars for a complete Operating system you can’t beat it. With some reading about how to you can download an .iso file and burn an image disc for free and you have the same operating system. As for support the internet has forums to help. But customizing the desktop or getting cool widgets were a mystery to me. I read the manual, looked at the internet but it was hard for me to understand. Maybe I just was not ready. But as far as using every day computer Suse was every thing it promised and as far I could tell very stable no problems. Time passed and I sold my computer and Linux took a back seat again.suse10


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