The Loved Ones (2009)

On a side note it seems to me Australian Movies have a 70’s or 80’s feel. I wonder if anybody else gets that. Anyway I’m been wanting to see this movie for a while. It just got my attention. Perhaps because I like dark and twisted movies. This movie does not disappoint hahaha! Yes this is not for anyone with a heart condition. If you don’t like blood or a not happy ending Id advice stay away from this movie. Can you tell how excited I am to tell you about this gem of a flick!

Starring Xavier Samuel as Brent. A troubled teen after a fatal accident while he was driving with his father. Brent is buddies with Jamie played by Richard Wilson who has a crush on sexy Mia played by Jessica McNamee who is also troubled by the loss of her brother. A girl named Lola Princess played by Robin McLeavy decides to ask Brent to the Prom dance. Brent has a girlfriend Holly played by Victoria Thaine. Everything seems pretty normal in a typical suburbia. Brent gets into a fight with his mother. He decides to go relax at a favorite spot. Without warning he is kidnapped. His mother realizes something is wrong when they see a beaten family dog. Holly contacts the local police. With no clues to his whereabouts. Brent is at the mercy of his kidnapper. Psycho Serial Killers comes to mind.

To me the flow and story are very good. Lola is all out crazy!! She is great along with her father doing anything his little girl ask of him. Brent although he doesn’t speak much carries his terror very good. Some scenes are left to the viewers imagination which works for me. Unlike other movies the movie portrays the suffering of many people who loved somebody. That is why I think the ending is not exactly uplifting. Overall I was enjoying being shocked waiting for the next scene. I haven’t had this much fun in a while. Any true fan of Terror, this is one not to miss. Sleep well kiddies! Hahaha!


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