The Raven (2012)

I don’t know about Edgar Allan Poe. But many have seen his pendulum method of killing someone. Mainly a detective style movie chasing a formidable serial killer. Playing with the mystery of Poe’s death. The story taps into possible events leading to his death. Someone starts killing similar to Poe’s writings. A detective has Poe join him in effort to figure the killers next move. I had no idea what I was getting into here. All I knew it stars John Cusack and it was a mystery.

Starring John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe. Not really a success but perhaps potential as a writer in this story. With a love interest Emily Hamilton played by Alice Eve. Ms Eve was great in Out of my League. For fun Emily’s father hates Poe. Captain Hamilton played by Brendan Gleeson. Also Detective Fields played by Luke Evans. Detective Fields is young and willing to incorporate science and diligent work to get his criminal. Opening the door to enlist the help from Poe. I thought the two worked well together. The other half is of course the killer. Most of the time he is a mystery. We just see his handy work. It’s very common once we see who the killer is we are a bit disappointed. Something to do with are expectation never really live up to our imagination.

I didn’t have any expectation and so I’m pleasantly surprised that I liked the movie. The pace of the movie and the story developing was good. At least to me the gore was not too heavy. Enough to keep the interest. I did not know the killer until it was obvious, I hate that when I don’t figure it out sooner. I can’t say Cusack was stellar but good enough. The cast fit the story and that’s good. To me the story and the time period was very good. I guess that would also include the directing. Just in time for October and Halloween. I would recommend this movie as a good rental.


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