Savages (2012)

The movie trailer makes this movie look good. Some reviews pretty low but Blake Lively what can I say. At least this is how it started. The movie was good but once again how can you have a character with sex appeal and can’t even take her dress off. Her character has sex with both guys does drugs but can’t show some skin. Couldn’t they find the right actress with some guts. Am I wrong maybe but this is the role and type of movie. I’m not watching some comedy here. Lets make half a movie because if we cast a big name it will be a hit. Ah! How did that work for you. Ok enough of that.

For me one woman and two guys is a ridiculous idea, what ever. Taylor Kitsch as Chon is ex soldier his the muscle. Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Ben the smart guy that grows incredible marijuana. Life is wonderful for the three until a Mexico cartel wants to partner up. The cartel is run by Elena played by Salma Hayek. I liked seeing Hayek in this role. Her enforcer is Lado played by Benicio Del Toro. He makes it convincing his a creepy killer. To mix stuff up John Travolta plays Dennis DEA agent. Travolta did alright but his hair is just wrong. The cartel needs them to join them but the boys don’t want any part of it. The cartel kidnap O. Blake Lively plays O in case you didn’t know.

What I like the most from this movie was the action. Chon with his ex Navy Seal buddies put on a good show. I mean they kick some ass. The cartel is equally vicious which makes me very happy. There was a cat and mouse chase between the two parties. Some computer hacking and intel gathering to build up the action. I think the cast was good. The bad guys did a better job building interest. Chon and Ben see the violence from the cartel and call them savages. Lado during surveillance sees the three having sex and calls them savages. For some reason that was funny to me. The movie has a duo ending which seem to fit here. Some good action worth recommending. The movie tries to be retrospective with O as a narrator which didn’t do much for me. Well as I read my own review I see its a split 50/50. Still worth a rental I think.


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