Headhunters (2011)

This is one of those movies I don’t know what to expect. Really out of boredom I come across this movie. A bit of cat and mouse play. As the story unfolds not sure what is going on. Aksel Hennie as Roger Brown develops as a sort of underdog. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Clas Greve seems harmless but soon his true nature comes out as a cold blooded killer. Synnove Macody Lund as Diana Brown as the beautiful wife of Roger Brown. Is she with her husband or with Clas Greve. The movie has a good pace. The action is enough to mix well with the story and keeps the suspense.

To add to the story Roger and Diana have relationship problems over having a baby. Roger has an interesting partner Ove Kjikerud played by Elvind Sanders. Rogers has a mistress Lotte played by Julie R. Olgaard. It all seems separate but in the end it ties up nicely. I really enjoyed how Roger would find himself in impossible situations but find a way out more than once. I think the film pokes fun at human insecurities. Roger mentions more than once about being 5′ 6” tall. Under extreme conditions Rogers finds out what his made of. And lucky for me its entertaining to watch. Yes its a foreign film with subtitles but another example of good film out there. Don’t let a little reading get in the way of a fun film.


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