Battleship (2012)

I thought the movie trailer looked good. The reviews that’s another story. My curiosity gets the better of me every time HA HA! To my surprise I enjoyed this movie. Something of an underdog that is appealing to most of us. If you read about the movie it doesn’t hurt to throw actors name like Alexander Skarsgard known for True Blood an HBO series which I happen to love. But I was curious about the beautiful Brooklyn Decker. She was in Just Go with It (2011) with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. While were at it throw in Rihanna. Who is sexy but was hidden by the navy soldier attire.

Pinning our hopes of life else where in the dark outer space. Humans find a planet and attempt to make first contact. Only problem the aliens are friendly. Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard play brothers in the Navy. Taylor plays bad boy. Alexander plays big brother trying to straighten out little brother. The relationship between the two really lacked any compassion from me. Despite being a complete failure Sam played by Brooklyn Decker falls in love with Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch). My thought was this is pretty weak. I just didn’t buy it. I was surprised with Rihanna she is very likable. Some lines and into the action. I’m interested in seeing her continue acting. Tadanobu Asano plays rival Captain Yugi Nagata. Alex Hopper and Yugi Nagata mix well as adversaries and build up to working together.

It’s Sci-Fi action this is the strong side of the movie. I really enjoyed the Aliens. Their ships were a great concept. Sometimes movies keep the aliens a secret only to disappoint when they decide to show a glimpse. In this movie after they show the alien I wanted to know more. This is the effect you want. Similar human form but with some differences. So you get some hostile aliens who have better technology. And when it seems hopeless humans find a way. Cal Zapata played by Hamish Linklater is a scientist who at first is terrified but later finds courage. Him an others help build up that fighting spirit. It’s an underdog story and it was entertaining.


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