Prometheus (2012)

The minute I heard this was about Alien, I had to see it. Can you believe it was 1979 when Alien came out. I remember leaving the theater I was blown away. Since then I have seen the sequels. I even played a PC game where you play the marine or the Alien. So you see I had a lot of excitement for a new Alien movie. Add to the mystery the Idea of some origin of humans and the Alien. It doesn’t hurt to have a cast of very well known actors. Noomi Rapace has been on a rise. Michael Fassbender has been busy as well. One of my favorite ladies Charlize Theron. Ever since Cider house Rules 1999 I’ve been a fan. And to finish the recipe there is the director Ridley Scott. Generally I rent movies and I seldom go to the theater. Mainly because I don’t like crowds. So this is pretty special for me. Will it be a memorable movie.

Noomi Rapace plays Elizabeth Shaw. All her life she wonders mans origin and purpose. Together with Charlie Holloway played by Logan Marchall-Green they search for clues. Pictograph after another they are convinced someone has left a calling card. With the financial support from
Weyland Corporation the voyage to a distant planet gets underway. The spaceship is called Prometheus and I have to say it looks impressive, I just love science fiction. Now as sexy and talented Charlize Theron is her character Meredith Vickers is something to desire. Later in the movie I understand her not wanting to be there but she has her reasons. Basically she is a real bitch but not a very interesting one at that. Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender lead the cast and do a great job. I expected more from Theron because I luv her. Hahaha! It’s easy to see similarity to Elizabeth Shaw and Ripley. The human like robot has been essential Michael Fassbender plays David perfectly. He blends the desire to be more human and calculation of a scientific experiment flawlessly.

Visually this movies has a lot to be in awe. The planet that is suppose to be similar to Earth is effective. The structure they enter in was very cool. Filled with mystery and new sights of alien evidence. I found myself wondering in anticipation for what was next. For this the movie gets high marks. What I don’t like at all. The human like alien leaves more mystery than giving some new information to satisfy. The very first scene the super human kills himself. I don’t know why and I never get it’s meaning very disappointing. This movie does dive into the beginning of the xenomoph. Has there ever been a better name for a creature? So while I was entertained it left me feeling half empty. If you love Sci-Fi you can’t miss this one. But I wonder how someone will take this movie not ever seeing previous Alien movies. As for me the reference is a must and the continuation has to be right. Overall I was happy to see the next step to the Alien franchise and I want more.


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