Good For Nothing (2011)

I could not make my mind up for a movie to watch. Looking up and down. I see this movie and watch the trailer. It’s this kind of situation that leads me to find little gems once in while. Being a fan of westerns it had been a while since I seen one. Throughout the movie I noticed the landscape very beautiful. I believe it was shot in New Zealand maybe. The cast was new to me. They were perfect in these roles. I thought the quality of the film was very good. The film itself had a raw style to it. A mixer of landscape, dialogue and gun fights.

Starring Cohen Holloway as The Man. This guy is classic outlaw. Short on words big on killing. Big scar on the side of his face. At first I thought he was mute. When he first spoke it was funny to me. The Man enters a shack of a bar in the middle of nowhere. Shoots a man and takes his money. Sitting in the corner is Isabella Montgomery played by Inge Rademeyer with her two escorts to her uncles ranch. The Man stares at the men for a while. Then he shoots them both with Isabella on the floor covering her ears. No one in the bar moves. The Man takes the woman and rides off with her. After riding a while he finds a spot. He tries to have his way with her but is having trouble perform. This is troubling to the Man. After riding some more he leaves Isabella tied up by a tree. Heads to a near by town. Meanwhile Isabella works to untie herself. She walks to town and finds the sheriffs office. The sheriff thinks she’s a whore and wants to have some fun with her. While this is going on The Man is seeing a doctor about his malfunction. Doctor tells him to stop drinking. Not satisfied with his answer the doctor suggest to head up to a Chinese village and seek help there. Suddenly the Man enters the sheriff’s office and shoots the sheriff in the head taking the woman back.

The sheriff has a brother who sets out to find the killer and revenge his brother. So the story develops from here. The Man seeking a cure for his manhood to work right. A small posse after them to kill both the Man and Isabella. There are some great scenes throughout the movie. The posse of men are quite dumb and ruthless makes you wonder who’s the outlaw. Isabella ask “what are you going to do with me” The Man respond very calm and natural as can be “Give you a poke”. Isabella tells the Man he disgust her. The next day he cleans up in order to please her. After the Chinese didn’t help its suggested to visit an Indian village. The Man gets in a fight with the Indians. He manages to get out but not before getting hit with some arrows. To me the scene was so funny, I don’t know if it was intended. Isabella helps the Man with the arrows. For her kindness he returns her mirror. There is a sense the two have some awkward feelings. One last thing about this movie. The soundtrack made some scenes funny. It’s suppose to be a tender moment so the music is tender. Given the roughness of the characters to me it’s funny in the best way. I highly recommend this western it was a lot of fun to watch.


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