John Carter (2012)

Seeing the preview I said who the hell is John Carter. What are those strange creatures. Funny as I watched the movie the characters grew on me. That crazy Martian dog was funny. Yes the story takes place on Mars. I’ve said it before Disney knows how important it is for a movie. You need a story and endearing characters. And no easy task for a back drop taking us to Mars. John Carter played by Taylor Kitsch kills a man who carries with him. An amulet that lets him travel to Mars. As the man dies John sees the amulet taking it just before its activated. Now John finds himself on Mars. John seems to have special abilities on Mars. He can leap tremendous bounds. Well not at first it took some getting use to.
He is taken captive by some green creatures kind of desert nomads. The leader played by Williem Dafoe thinks he is special for his ability. On Mars there are two human factions mainly blue and red. They are at war for control. Sounds very familiar doesn’t it. John meets the beautiful princess Dejah Thoris played by Lynn Collins. Her passion is science so she knows a few things. She tells John he is on Mars. She will help him get back if he helps her. But John wants no part in being a hero. He fights it as long as he can. Clearly the two will be head over heals for each other.

Lots of things I enjoyed in this movie. The ships fly in Mars. Some different design a mix of old with new technology. The green barbarians were cool. They have four arms and big horns a brave tribe with no fear. In the end the good guys pull together to defeat evil. Well at least for a little while. Being a Disney movie of course it’s great for the whole family. Good clean movie making, lots of action. Even a fight in an arena with huge blind gorillas. Mark Strong plays Matai Shang. A secret race playing chess with humans. Mark Strong knows how to be a bad guy real well. Really I’m not making any of it up. Seriously I had fun watching John Carter.


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