Safe House (2012)

The movie trailer looks good and with Denzel Washington. Well you figure it’s going to be good.
Once ago in 1989 Washington was in Glory which he performed outstanding. Since he’s been in some great films. One of my all time favorite movies is Training Day. Did you already guess that hahaha!
Ever wonder what it’s like for a CIA agent. Actually I never did but this is what I thought about throughout this movie. It’s a double edge sword dam if you do dam if you don’t. In the movie the line is very thin and it gets crossed often. Humans as they are use intel for many reasons and the games begin.

The story begins with Matt Weston played by Ryan Reynolds. As a agent he is in charge of a safe house. Basicly he needs to have the place ready in case field agents need it. Or he could be playing house keeper with not much to do. Matt has a girlfriend Ana Moreau played by Nora Arnezeder. Matt has lied about everything because of his job. For national security of course. Denzel Washington plays ex agent Tobin Frost. He is a danger too many people. He sales Intel because he doesn’t believe in the system and is now out for himself. Things go wrong for Tobin and he finds himself heading to a safe house. Now I’m no expert here but when other men show up to the safe house. Someone is rotten in the CIA team if you will. The fun part is guessing who. The shoot out in the safe house was good. I’m thinking this is just the beginning. Matt decides it’s best he take Tobin out. How he gets out with all those men is weak but lets give a pass on it. The dialogue with Matt and Tobin is pretty good. I thought Reynolds was playing it too naïve. We know his a rookie but his a CIA agent. Then when it counts for some action his different. I’m saying less clueless is all.

Overall very entertaining film. I was surprised I read other reviews about how the film lacked but Washington made it watchable. I liked the action and the story of CIA agents. Does a person kill another and feel bad, does it change them. What secrets do they live with. What is the line you say this is wrong I can’t live with this. For Tobin Frost he wanted a different life. After so long doing what he did that was all he knew. Matt Weston was hope that all is not lost. But hey that’s just my take on it. If nothing else the action make it a good movie to see.


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