Haywire (2011)

To be honest I was reluctant to see this film. I was surprised to see the cast supporting Gina Carano. My thought was how good can a MMA fighter be in a starting role. It’s one thing to be in a movie showing your fighting skills on the screen. For example Quentin Jackson was in a great film called Midnight Meat Train. He has a small part doing what he does fight. But being lead role that’s a entirely different aspect. I like Gina Carano as a fighter I seen her a few times. In this movie her close ups seem forced, lacking a natural flow. The fight scenes have a saving aspect but lack showmanship. I mean Bruce Lee kicked ass with style. The action here was good but perhaps too realistic. You ask this is bad. I think so in films expression and timing goes a long way don’t you think. In general I don’t like films that have a character getting beat up real bad then suddenly turn the table. It seems like bull to me. Ok there are exceptions for example in True Romance Patricia Arquette vs James Gandolfini, a great scene that shows her coming back after a huge beat down.

I realize I’m slamming Gina Carano but for a first time showing it was entertaining film. Over all I like the fight scenes. Except the fight scene with Gina and Ewan McGregor on the beach. That was the worst fighting. Looked like a couple of girls. Well grewing up in Los Angeles California and I’ve seen some tough girls fight you don’t want to mess with. Generally a good story. The film goes back and forth uncovering the story. On the surface Ewan McGregor as Kennith sets up Mallory (Gina Carano) but the scheme goes further. Gina is in good company with the likes of Michael Douglas, Channing Tatum, Michael Fassbender and Bill Paxton. Throw in a cute girl who can fight and bang you have Haywire. I don’t know about a theater hit but as a rental I have seen a lot worse. A decent showing especially if you get a kick out of the excitement of MMA fighting. I wonder will Gina Carano return to fighting of pursue more action films showcasing her fighting skills. I hear she will be in a movie called In the Blood.


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