Underworld: Awakening (2012)

Here we are at another installment of Underworld. After getting the prequel film out of the way, Selene returns. But first some history. I have always loved the mystic of Vampires. Bram Stoker book and film. The beloved Ann Rice books of vampires sealed it for me. The first Underworld peaked that love for vampires again. To me that is the seller. Sure Selene is one sexy vampire. Can she be a one woman show? Doesn’t matter the person I think to rely on one character you are asking for trouble. This is my explanation why I love vampires and why Awakening disappoints.

Kate Beckinsale is Selene. The world has become aware of Vampires and Lycans. The mission now to exterminate them all. After an underwater explosion with Michael. Selene finds herself the subject of an experiment. Placed in a chamber frozen. She becomes aware of a presence. Suddenly she is freed. One thing about this movie I did like the action scenes. With just a scalpel Selene disposes of several guards that didn’t have a clue what just happen. What happen to Michael? He is suppose to me a bad ass. Stephen Rea plays Dr. Jacob Lane. I thought he was a mad scientist made his character kind of funny. For a little while the big mystery is Eve. The movie plays around the bush. This I thought was very irritating. Eve played by India Eisley she is Selene’s daughter. There what’s the big deal? As the story goes the public think vampires and lycans are gone. Meanwhile under the city seems to be plenty of vampires and lycans. Selene meets David played by Theo James. And it appears David is the only vampire left with any kind of balls. Really this is the best story. After countless years the powerful vampires act like rats in the sewer. It’s a sad day for all vampire fans.

Some cool aspects of the film. Selene walks in the daylight without bursting into flames. Selene can revive another vampire. Cut hand, reach heart and presto! Selene is smarter than huge Lycans. The feeling is it’s all about Selene. She is the lead ok but we need a story with interesting characters. My opinion is the story of Selene and a child looked awkward. Never going anywhere. I’m looking for cool vampires. Bad ass death dealers that don’t take any sh**. I can’t say I completely hated the movie because some parts where amusing. I hate to think whats next. Some rated G family vampire flick. I long for the days when being a vampire meant something. Like mystery, terror, seduction and good old adult fun. I know some of this stems from my expectations. Sometimes it can’t be avoided. Either way I’m sure fans everywhere will see it anyway. Till next hunt hopefully a better bite!


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