Battle Royale (2000)

Batoru Rowaiaru

I heard this movie was similar to Hunger Games. I haven’t seen Hunger Games so I don’t know how similar they are. I seen the trailer for Battle Royale it looked interesting. Suppose the “adults” get scared and tired of bad teenagers that the government pass a law “Battle Royale Act” . I’m thinking parents would never allow their kids to be slaughtered I don’t care how bad they are. Your parents always love you. Ok I had to get that out of the way. But lets say in some crazy future they do. The teacher was stabbed setting things in motion. Despite my unwillingness to go along with the premise the action and the sub plots make the movie one not to miss.

The teacher Kitano-sensei is a troubled man. Disillusioned from a troubled home and as a teacher. I’m not sure his motivation. On the surface it could be vengeance. Perhaps he hopes to teach one student as extreme as it seems. Like I said he is a troubled person. The characters start with Shuya and Noriko. As the movie develops so does their love for each other. They team up with Kawada with a plan to escape the Island together. Kawada had been in the Battle Royale three years ago. To me this makes no sense. He makes it once only to be back, that’s just cruel man! Three boys team up trying to figure out a way out. One of them is a hacker working on crashing the system. Mitsuko a girl who decides she will be the winner and those who mocked her would pay. She is crafty in killing her fellow classmates. One of my favorite scenes takes place in a lighthouse. Shuya was injured his friend Hiroki takes him to the lighthouse. Several girls found refuge at the lighthouse. One of the girls believes Shuya killed her friend. She plots to poison his food. Unknowing another friend grabs the poisoned food. Soon the girl dies. This makes the other girls doubt each other. Next the bullets fly, killing all but the girl who poisoned the food. I dare say it was a masterfully tragic scene. It was fun to ponder the meaning of it all. With all the scenes full of friendship and tragedy.

Kawada had told his story with Keiko. As she died she said thank you. He wondered the meaning of her last words. I believe she smiles and says thank you (for loving me). Kawada says he had met true friends with Shuya and Noriko. For all the heart aches life dishes out. We all want love and true friends. This movie is a Japanese movie with subtitles. I would recommend not to miss out on all the fun. About an hour forty eight minutes time flew by. It’s such a joy to see a movie that lingers into the next days conversations. Recalling the scenes and adding point of views.


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