Miss Bala (2011)

For me this movie had a lot of good points as well as bad. In Spanish “Bala” would be bullet. So Miss Bala is about a young lady caught in the middle of Mexico’s drug war. The “Miss” part is because Laura dreams of being a beauty queen. The story itself I found interesting. Stephanie Sigman plays Laura Guerrero. Laura goes to a night club looking for her friend. After men with guns sneak in and start shooting Laura escapes. The next day she is trying to find her friend. She ask a traffic cop for help to find her. This starts the roller coaster ride for Laura. She becomes the pond of a drug lord who uses her against his enemies. For my senses I don’t like the whole time she is a helpless victim. I keep hoping she will get out of this mess.

The movie dislikes for me. The camera view was at times irritating. The camera would focus up close so you don’t see what is going on. I guess this is to build tension and give the feeling of Laura clueless in the mess she’s in. Well I didn’t like it. It’s like some one in a theater with a big head. I can’t see the screen and I miss something. Throughout the movie I don’t have a clue who is who. Soldiers or police dying all the time. It seem like one setup/double cross after another. Or perhaps the appearance to create confusion and fear. A serious lack of detail, the movie didn’t even show any drugs. The director assumes I know the culture but I don’t. It’s like seeing a movie that has scenes in the dark and you hear whispers but can’t make out any words. Details, details its what gives stories depth and lasting moments. Hello!

To the credit of Stephanie Sigman and the violence all around her. I watched on with interest. Does it make a statement of the senseless violence, I think so. As a fan of movies I still want entertainment social statement or not (Is that wrong). Like independent movies it draws interest and tries to bring something more. In this case the depth of violence in Mexico. We have heard the news. This movie gives a glimpse and brutal it is. For those that like happy endings this is not it. Most of the time I can appreciate what ever the ending. I didn’t care for the ending. I guess because I was drawn to Laura’s plight. The innocent surely suffer. But again if you love movies and its marvelous potential it’s worth viewing.


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