Assassination Games (2011)

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Van Damme in action. Oh! Man I can’t believe it was 1988 when Bloodsport came out. I really enjoyed that movie. I was surprised in the movie JCVD back in 2008. The man has a nice resume of leading roles. Not all have been great but pretty nice career. I can’t forget the first Universal Soldier (1992) with Dolph Lundgren. I was thinking equally impressive the leading ladies he has worked with. In this film actress Mirija Karan with her beauty managed to soften the heart of a cold professional killer. Hahaha what a lucky guy.

Van Damme plays Vincent a hit man. Vincent keeps to himself with only a turtle for company. All is business as usual until corrupt Interpol scheme a plan to kill an ex-agent in hiding. Scott Adkins plays Interpol ex-agent Roland Flint. After his wife is put in a coma by brutal gangsters. Roland goes in hiding along with corrupt Interpol money. Interpol agents set up a hit they think Roland will take. Setting him up to come out of hiding. Along the way Vincent takes the job. As the title of the movie there is a lot of deals and double cross. Not as much action as I would of thought. But I think there was a good balance. The story was interesting enough to build up a final confrontation. The side stories added to the drama. Roland dealing with his wife and wanting revenge. Vincent meeting a prostitute who made him look at his life and possibly want something different. The bad guys were ruthless also adding nicely to the story.

To me the movie was done very well. A good pace building up each character enough to let the viewer know the story. The action was decent but nothing extra ordinary. It was more blended with the story to give it a bit more intensity. The cast very well suited for the movie. So fans of action one scene after another might miss it. But if you like more of a story. This drama should appeal more. Not too graphic either yet enough to make the point. Hey don’t we live in a world of excess. Well maybe quality in the end still holds true. For me I recommend checking this film out.


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