Drive (2011)

I read a couple reviews and mostly high marks for a very good drama. Throw in remarks like brutal and well you got me. Early on I had passed on this movie. I thought haven’t we seen enough driver flicks for a while. Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing. Having a quick look at the director. I enjoyed Bronson, but I have to say Valhalla Rising is one of the worst movies I’ve seen. That’s the beauty of opinion we all have are own. The Director seems to have a taste for pauses throughout the movie. I figure it’s suppose to give affect to the moment. It’s a tricky style done too much or for too long it’s a real bore. To me you choose one or two moments at the most. A scene where silence and still moment enhance the emotion but that’s it. Any more and I start to fast forward. It’s an annoyance something I noticed in his previous movies and now this one enough already!

Driver played by Ryan Goslin. Part time stunt driver and part time getaway driver. Driver is going threw the motions of living. It’s not clear why but this guy is not too happy. After a getaway job Driver moves to a new apartment. There he meets Irene played by Carey Mulligan. As he gets to know Irene his life starts to find new meaning. Just to spoil it all. Irene’s husband is getting out of jail. Husband Standard played by Oscar Isaac. During his time is prison he acquired a debt from protection. Now that his out he has to pay. Driver being the complex individual decides to help. As one could suspect the job goes all wrong. Actually the job was a set up for Driver and Standard, they were meant to end up dead.

The violence in the movie was decisive and potent scenes. All that slow buildup to make an impact to me was a waste of time. I enjoyed the camera view of Driver in his car. Seeing the road as he did. The supporting cast was very good. Albert brooks playing local gangster Bernie Rose does a great job. Ron Perlman can be very dramatic but his role was too short. The same I think about beauty Christina Hendricks as Blanche. Bryan Cranston also a good supporting role. It was very deserving all the critics high marks. If you don’t like violence it’s best past on this film. Or some don’t like endings where the good guy rides into the sunset better past on this one. On the other hand if you like say movies like Scarface maybe. If you don’t mind getting some blood on your hands. It’s very possible this movie will get your hairs up. Remind you the impact a movie can have. Even be grateful to have someone hold your hand in the middle of chaos. I hope I’ve made a case to enjoy this flick.


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