The Double (2011)

The movie jacket sparks interest with about spies and a actor like Richard Gere. Also I like Odette Yustman. I seen her in CloverField a favorite movie of mine. I had passed on this film a few times. With my options getting slim we had to take a chance. Spy movies have a lot of potential. You never see poor spies. More like 007 smart, well dressed, good with the ladies and able to kick ass. Well unless your retired then its a lot less style and more pensive intrigue. Which at first it seems like a bad idea but let’s give a chance.

Starring Richard Gere as retired CIA Paul Shepherdson. After a senator is murdered in the same method as a well known Soviet assassin. Paul is asked to come out of retirement to help with the investigation. Nice to see Martin Sheen play as Tom Highland. He meets with Paul to try and convince him to help the CIA with the cooperation of the FBI. Helping is top FBI agent Ben Geary played by Topher Grace. Hey Topher has been in some good films like Spider Man 3 and Predators 2010. Ben knows everything there is about the Soviet assassin and CIA Paul Shepherdson. Right away Paul tells everyone the assassin is gone and it’s a copy cat. With the help of Ben who is sure the assassin is back. Slowly Paul is dragged into finding the killer on the loose. Odette Annable (Yustman) as always very adorable but her role was pretty limited too bad though.

Really the movie has no huge surprises. Watching the film the suspects become clear. To my enjoyment I found the development of the story and mainly the two characters was a fun ride. Unlike having twist and shock this film comes straight on. I don’t know if it’s intended to poke fun at the CIA and FBI. It seem to me some slight was to be had. Remember not to long ago in the news 10 people were arrested for being Russian spies. So to me that added to the fun here. Not a lot of action but again this is more subtle and a welcome change from the sometimes over produced action flicks. Richard Gere and Topher Grace deliver intensity in this drama. And for good measure it’s not always as clear cut as it seems. Meaning the assassins are human and despite their profession they too dream and perhaps once loved. At least that was my take on it. I would recommend to anyone check it out good stuff.


2 thoughts on “The Double (2011)

  1. Nice review. I just watched the film tonight but I haven’t done my review yet. I was surprised to see that anyone had reviewed it. Because Netflix displayed it prominently is how I found it. Thanks for your insights about the film.


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