Killer Elite (2011)

When I watched the trailer I thought it was an over the top crime comedy. There was no comedy relief of any sort. Like the title there were plenty of killers around trying to kill other killers. This is all right with me. It’s funny how I picked up something different from the movie trailer. Thinking back I liked the cast they fit very well. Every day people seem like a blur forming the illusion of truly Elite Killers.

Starring Jason Statham as Danny a hit man. Fellow partners Hunter played by Rovert De Niro and Dominic Purcell as Davies. As a side note Dominic played as the so called ultimate vampire in Blade: Trinity. After their last job in Mexico things go wrong. Danny decides to leave the business of killing. Moving to Australia a year later Danny receives a note bringing him back to the world of professional killers. Is it just me or is it funny for a hit man to return to Australia and live a regular life. Wasn’t Australia a British penal colony for criminals? Ok maybe it’s just me. Hahaha

So some rich man kidnaps Hunter to make Danny do a job for him. Let’s just put a side that hunter is suppose to be Elite. Danny and old buddies set out to do the job of revenge in order to free his good friend Hunter. Danny’s adversary is Spike played by Clive Owen. A British special forces working with a secret society. I think Danny and Spike do well as enemies and provide lots of action. Plenty of cat and mouse twist and turns. Danny has a girlfriend from his childhood once he returns home they make a connection. Building up his need to save his friend and start his non-violent life. Anne played by Yvonne Strahovski has a great smile but in this movie her role was limited. I watched not to long ago The Canyon. A couple travel the canyons, it’s one of those vacations gone wrong. Yvonne does a nice performance but I don’t like those kind of movies.

Besides having the wrong idea of this movie. I found myself enjoying the action. The violence was pretty tame. I notice probably because I see so many horror flicks. I’m use to gore and I smile. For a R rating to me it seem more like PG-13 or something like that. Not sure but it’s probably more of a guy flick, not sure how woman view such a movie. Well I better stop before I dig some ridiculous hole for myself. In comparison to his other movies like The Transporter. I think they had a more intriguing story line. In Transporter he had more of a love story mixing in with the action. Over all a recommended movie full of fighting that we are use to seeing from Jason Statham.


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