Boy Wonder (2010)

Revenge: To exact punishment. When I read the description I thought it was more of an urban hero. Boy was I wrong. It’s a teen age boy vigilante. I think it’s important knowing what your getting into. I might of thought twice about renting it though. Only because most vigilante movies involve some terrible crime that a person goes on a rampage. Like Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon. After his family is killed he sets out for revenge. Another comes to mind, The Brave One with Jodie Foster. Both very intense good dramas but not exactly feel good movies. Yes I know I like horror and your thinking what is the deal. These vengeance style movies seem closer to reality. I always tend to think what would I do. It’s not a fair question, I can’t know unless put in that situation. Mainly if movies are a outlet of leisure and enjoyment. This genre doesn’t appeal to me, even though I think a movie is good.

Starring Caleb Steinmeyer as Sean Donovan. As a young boy he watches a hooded man kill his mother Mary played by Tracy Middendorf. His father Terry Donavan (Bill Sage) was a terrible drunk. Years later Sean is a loner who spends his time looking at police mug shots looking for the killer. It’s interesting to see Sean going to a kickboxing gym everyday. Looking at mug shots and reading about chemistry. I thought he could become a serial killer or a vigilante either way its pretty messed up. That reminds me another thing I don’t like about this kind of movie. It always has a way of showing a persons dark corners and I think we all have them. Well some less than others. Detective Teresa Ames has been transferred looking for a new start. Larry Childs (James Russo) a criminal in court promises Teresa when his freed he will visit her and her young son. Soon the worst of criminals begin getting murdered. As Teresa and her partner Gary Stenson (Daniel Stewart Sherman) investigate she becomes suspicious of young Sean.

The movie is not as violent as others I’ve seen. The characters especially Sean are complexed. Watching his mother die replays in his mind daily. Teresa has her hands full with Larry Childs potentially killing her son and her. Her job as detective and the murders. Terry Donovan trying to raise a son after his wife’s murder and his past as a violent drunk. Mix it all up you get a moving and disturbing drama. The movie has a good pace not lingering too long. The cast very well put together. Zulay Henao showed good character being tough and vulnerable. The ending is a bit of a mix, perhaps as life nothing is perfect and the movie leaves room for debate of interpretation. Some good and bad here. I would say definitely worth watching when in the mood for a vengeance drama.


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