Top 50 Fav. Flicks

First Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
With the coming of a New Year it’s always been tempting to make a best movie list. But I have a hard time. Which is the best of all. I think many on my list could easily be top movie. The only reason The Crow made it number is, for many years back. Every Halloween I would watch The Crow at midnight. I really love it. So I asked myself what movie would I see again. Actually in my list I have seen each movie many times some more than others. You really have something dear to you when you can tolerate watching the same movie over again. Looking at this list I get the feeling I really have a thing for movies. HaHa! It would have been easy to make a top 100 list to include many more flicks I love. To make it a challenge I kept to only the top 50. It’s up for debate for sure. Being the sentimental guy I had to squeeze Fast Times at Ridgemond High. It was hard not to put the Matrix number one. You see my problem each movie has a special place in my heart. Enter the Dragon has got to be one of the best films ever. Bruce Lee forever Martial Arts Icon. Some movies perhaps not well known really hit me of what is special about movies. Films like Collateral, Road to Perdition, Black Book and A River Runs Through to name a few. I dream that 2012 means an opportunity to discover great new movies.

50. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

49. Highlander

48. La Femme NIkita

47. Goodfellas

46. Amadeus (1984)

45. Species (1995)

44. Starship Troopers (1997)

43. Black Book

42. Enemy at the Gates

41. Mr. Brooks

40.Cast Away

39. Boondock Saints

38. The Brotherhood of the Wolf

37. Rocky

36. Kill Bill

35. Terminator

34. Collateral

33. Leon: The Professional

32. Road to Perdition

31. Black Hawk Down

30. King Kong (2003)

29. Saving Private Ryan

28. The Lord of the Rings

27. Star Wars

26. The Shawshank Redemption

25. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

24. Platoon

23. The Red Violin

22. Batman Begins (2005)

21. Ironman

20. Blade: Trinity

19. Cloverfield

18. District 9

17. Star Trek (2009)

16. Gladiator

15. Reservoir Dogs

14. Hustle & Flow

13. The Big Lebowski

12. Aliens

11. Enter the Dragon

10. True Romance

9. The Usual Suspects

8. Apocalypto

7. Unforgiven

6. A River Runs Through It

5. No Country for Old Men

4. The 13th Warrior

3. Pulp Fiction

2. Matrix

1. The Crow (1994)


3 thoughts on “Top 50 Fav. Flicks

  1. Considero que hay muy buenas películas en ésta lista, sin embargo si consitituye un reto realizar una lista tan reducida, ya que exiten tantas buenas peliculas a través de la historia, algunas no creo haberlas visto aún, sin embargo he visto algunas otras que no figuran en la lista, creo que es interesante tener un punto de referencia para considerar ver algunas y otras tantas es un placer volverlas a ver siempre una vez más.

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