Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

I had lost interest after the first Pirates of the Caribbean. I decided to see this one because of Penelope Cruz. What can I tell you I’m a sucker for a pretty face. I’m not a fan of sequels because when the first is a great movie what follows is usually very disappointing. In the first the antics of Jack Sparrow works. Also Keira Knightley is just wonderful. With a good story and great supporting cast. The first Pirates of the Caribbean was a blast watching. What follows is trying to out do the first. With a successful formula you can’t help but turn out for the masses, I mean green baby. But does it work over and over maybe for some. The second flick to me seem like the same movie extended.

In this latest effort Jack Sparrow seem rather tamed. A character now well known lacks excitement. Nothing new was introduced. Maybe some past secret childhood experience. That said I don’t think it was a horrible movie. Lots of action although rather harmless fight scenes but in fairness it is Disney after all. As wonderful as Penelope Cruz is sometimes movies fail to show that side of her. Bringing her to this movie was a good move but failed to really make her shine, again it is Disney keep it clean. The mermaid seem more interesting because of her struggle with her captive and her love interest. That said what happen to the mermaid and her new love? They just go off into the ocean depth, that’s pretty weak I think. A surprise to me was Ian McShane as Blackbeard. A good villain is always a good thing to keep it interesting.

I wonder if I never seen Pirates of the Caribbean this movie alone would be very entertaining. So making the case of movie sequels with the obvious high expectations. Just throwing more money and bigger sets don’t make it a success. Over all the action and the story was good. Nothing spectacular but worth watching just the same. In fairness I have been lacking much excitement with current movies I’ve watched lately. It does setup being wonderfully surprised when a movie shines. It’s also possible I’m the only one who thinks so. I do enjoy writing the review a form of discussion of the movie I’ve seen.


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