Good Neighbors (2010)

Many times I had passed on this movie. I didn’t have much of expectations. Not a huge fan of Jay Burachel. Not to get on his case but his characters are pretty wimpy. Then we have Scott Speedman which I can’t say much about besides Underworld. So not a lot of incentive. But in the quest of watching the next great movie. Jaded from so many movies comes chance. A chance for not so well noticed movies. A lot of times these are what they call independent films. Something different from the mass machine turning out media globs. I better quit before the hole is too big to climb out.

Set in a small town of Canada. Three neighbors live their lives being civil with each other. Victor played by Jay Burachel is the new neighbor moving in. Spencer (Scott Speedman) unable to walk seems to be confined to his apartment. Louise played by Emily Hampshire. Basically a quiet woman with two cats, which she loves very much. Part of the lacking in this movie is the setting up. I think the idea is a neighbor whether you know for some time or just met. May not be who you think. Louise follows the newspaper about the local serial killer. Victor is really annoying and Spencer is no charmer either. The question is who is the killer.

The movie starts rather dull but its the results that grabbed me. The lengths people will go to are always surprising and entertaining. Letting the movie develop pays off making it worth while. Perhaps more about the serial killer would of helped keep the interest throughout the movie. Establishing the everyday person was set up but no one is impressed. I have seen much worse movies. This flick is decent and not bad for a rental.


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