Attack the Block (2011)

I heard about this movie. I checked out the trailer. The idea is great some kids versus invading aliens. I like British movies. I don’t always know the words but I believe I get the gist. The soundtrack was fun adding to the feel of the movie. These young teens are as tough as they come. You could say these are a present day little rascals. Or should I say urban rascals. Baseball bats for weapons and stolen or prepaid cellphones. For some reason that stood out to me. One thing for sure the teens were more close friends than a gang. Looking out for each other and doing what ever they need to get by.

John Boyega plays as Moses. He’s the leader of the crew. Sam played by Jodie Whittaker is heading home. The crew see Sam and decide to mug her. Something in the sky comes down crashing onto a car next them. Sam runs off home. Moses slowly looks into the car. A creature comes out charging at Moses. The creature lands on top but Moses takes out a knife and stabs it. Probably with his pride hurt and the side of his face scratched. Moses declares to chase the creature and kill it. The creature is hiding in a shed. The boys throw firecrackers into the shed. Moses charges in followed by the rest of the crew.

What appeals to me is how tough these kids are. Also the way they look after each other. Throw in some fun there are two younger boys. They want to be like the bigger boys and prove their metal. For good measure the movie shows learning lessons. There are consequence from your actions. You can’t give up on a person. Giving them a chance may be all they need. With more creatures landing and after the crew. Sam ends up teaming up with the boys. Besides surviving from attacks. Sam and the boys learn from each other. It’s said if you get to know your enemy they seize to be an enemy.

The first creature is very different from the main creatures. The first looks like a Kremlin. I would describe the others something between a dog and a bear. They are black with long hair, reminds me of a carpet. Luckily for every one the creatures die pretty easy considering they are aliens. But you have to give credit to the boys who are terrified but defend themselves courageously. I can’t remember another movie lately that has been so much fun adventure. My closes comparison is a zombie movie that is after people. The movie manages to lighten the mood with humor from time to time. This one is worth a second viewing. I would highly recommend this flick.


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