Green Lantern (2011)

DC Marvel must by dancing all the way to the bank. Is it just me or all super hero outfits look ridiculous. It’s one thing in a comic book or animation. gave this film a low rating. I was thinking to pass on it. This is a good example not to give to much credit to critics. I guess myself included. I like Sci-Fi films and most get terrible reviews. It might be that I appreciate the idea as well as the delivery. A film can be so-so but I give it props for its effort. People tell me they prefer movies based on true events. I think why? I get reality everyday I wake. Some say true stories inspire to better one self. I think to sum it up and not drag this out. A film requires imagination to deliver and the viewer needs imagination combine both and all sorts of inspiration sparks.

Ryan Reynolds plays the Green Lantern. I have to say not one of his best performance. I think lacking emotion. Blake Lively plays Carol Ferris. She had a spirit in a scene and Reynolds seem flat to me. Blake Lively looked stunning to bad she wasn’t the super hero. Peter Sarsgaard plays Hector Hammond as a scientist he becomes infected after examining an alien that crashed on earth. The infection corrupts him and all his resentments lash out with his new ability. Sarsgaard had a more compelling character. We see him develop from a quiet teacher and scientist to a crazed over sized big head. The one thing I really enjoyed was the aliens from different planets. Funny too some where similar to fish or animals. Another thing I thought was the film had a big budget feel. Every scene was very well detailed. It’s got to be hard to present a character from DC Marvel. Not sure but I would guess they had a few comic books to work with.

As a fan of Sci-Fi I was pleasantly surprised. Sure it wasn’t as good as say Ironman. To me not too many films have been even the Ironman sequels. I do think Batman with Christian Bale have been excellent. Still this film was entertaining worthy of a night rental. Lacking in the man character development but the scenes and special effects were top notch. Given the chance I love the idea of the ring but forget the suit. I’m a jeans and shirt kind of a guy.


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