Super 8 (2011)

Has ET come back? The trailer looked good to me. Ok I guess I’m still very much a kid at heart. I hope that explains all the immature behavior. The trailer shows us a train accident but what was in the train? I think for me the curiosity helps build up the movie. Of course the flick still has to deliver. I felt a bit nostalgic toward the time of the movie late 70’s. I don’t recall exactly what I was doing. Some periods are a bit foggy. The feel of the movie along with the soundtrack help me go back in time. Also the innocence of kids sends me back to a place of magic. Not that my childhood was similar. No its more of a feeling when I was younger and more possibilities seem obtainable. Our saving hero is Movie magic at least for a time we can dream once again.

Starring Joel Courtney as Joe Lamb. Joe and his buddies are making a zombie movie. Late night they go to a train station to get a scene for their movie. Martin (Gabriel Basso) plays the detective. The leading lady Alice Dainard played by Elle Fanning. Alice plays the wife of the detective. Joe does make up and sound. Right away you can tell there will be something between Joe and Alice. As the filming is underway Joe notices a car driving onto the tracks heading for the train. What follows is one huge train wreck it’s amazing anyone could have survived. After the disaster the group find the car and the driver still in his truck. It’s one of their teachers. Dr. Woodward played by Glynn Turman. He warns the kids not to speak of the incident or they will be in danger including their families.

The supporting cast of adults mainly are Joe’s father. Kyle Chandler plays Jackson Lamb also a deputy. Noah Emmerick plays Nelec the military in charge of the clean up after the crash. Alice’s father Louis Dainard. Louis and Jackson clash because of an accident where Joe’s mother dies. This side story adds to the events of finding the truth and dealing with their past. Other friends of Joe were Cary played by Ryan Lee. He was the explosives expert sort of. Charles played by Riley Griffiths was the director.

The story builds on the boys friendship. The boy crush is expanded when Charles explains he had feelings for Alice. Tension building with Jackson and Louis. The whole time the military is trying to capture the thing loose and cover up everything at any cost. Right! you want to know about the mystery every one is trying to find. I would hate to ruin it for you. It’s not ET, not really. No it’s different and the not knowing a lot probably keeps it interesting. I think the movie had charm and a good pace building to the end. Not a huge ending but that’s probably me. One of the negatives watching a lot of movies. The kid in me approves very much. Long live zombie movies. Don’t miss the credits.


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