Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

When the movie first hit the theater I heard a lot of excitement. Some times the commercials and media can hype pretty well. I was never into comic’s as a young boy. Not that I didn’t like them. I was mainly running the streets with friends or grounded at home. So I never really had comic’s to read. It seem I missed an entire world only now getting a taste of it through movies. Like books I’m sure comic’s have a certain element movies miss. I have enjoyed the Ironman films, especially the first Ironman. I’m very curious about next years follow up with The Avengers.

Chris Evans plays Captain America. As Steve Rogers his undersized to say the least. It’s funny how they portrayed him. Small, sick but never quiting and lots of heart. Stanley Tucci plays Dr. Abraham Erskine creator of a serum that will make Steve a super human. Something of a father figure he instills on Steve no matter what happens to always remain a good man. Meaning don’t abuse his super power for evil. I hope that doesn’t include being popular with the ladies? Hayley Atwell plays Peggy Carter. You know I don’t recall her role in the military. She’s the girl the boy falls head over heels for. Miss Atwell makes the 40’s look sexy and classy again. Except Peggy Carter will punch you in the face and charge with the boys guns a blazing. Hey! It’s make believe baby! Steve and Peggy have little time for romance. It’s all about the action.

The hero is nothing really without an equally good villain. Hugo Weaving will always be Mr. Smith to me. But I like Red Skull pretty classic. Red Skull starts out part of Hitler’s Science division known as Hydra. I don’t know when it happen but the guy is completely mad. Lucky for us otherwise we might have had a dull flick. I liked Captain America throwing his shield all over the place. It’s hard to ignore that the guy is never shot. I’m guessing he would heal faster than a normal person. I do like his courage and all the good American persona. Maybe we can remember that doing the right thing was something worth aspiring too. The movie had a fast pace not a lot of room to linger. I think for this movie it was a good thing. Chris Evans now has been a super hero twice. First Fantastic Four as a fireball! It will be interesting what follows next. This film goes good with buttered popcorn 😉


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