Christina (2010)

I saw this title something about it caught my eye. I know from experience taking a chance on a film you never heard of could be a gem waiting to be discovered. Nicki Aycox plays Christina Vogel. Nicki does an excellent job in this role. Her accent and mannerism was very charming. The story takes place in Christina’s apartment. The cast consist of just three actors. This seems a tough task in keeping the audience engaged in the story. I guess it better be a good story. They make a point of telling you that its based on a true story. I could see all the Life time ladies watching this one. The story takes place after the war in Germany. A German woman awaits her American soldier. He wants to take her to America and start a new life. It seems she has a secret. Billy Calvert played by Jordan Beifi see’s something is bothering Christina. Just as she starts to tell her story. Someone comes to the door. Inspector Edgar Reinhardt played by Stephen Lang. The Inspector has questions for Christina. Little by little the story unfolds sometimes alternate versions are told. The Inspector in not fooled and is determined to hear the truth.

The story unfolds each character as their own experience throughout the war. The soldier Billy sees the horrors of the dead. The Inspector looking for closure in this case, perhaps his own life and war. Center stage is Christina telling her story mixed with dreams of a better reality. She had me listening to every word. I’m a sucker every time when theirs a tear in their eye. I had a sense of what happen to Christina but I had to hear it just like the Inspector. I’m not sure where I heard it first, something like In war there are no winners. The story really shows the scars of war in our souls. It’s not a happy film but I can appreciate the introspect. As a young man I liked war movies admiring the courage of soldiers. Now I notice the other side of the story. Still admiring the courage but realizing the hurt outside and in. The Inspector determined to close one case. I think we all need closure in our lives at some point. Good times and bad times shape us but where do we go from here? Once we see the dark there is a chance to let light in again. Worth checking out this movie. Pretty tall order only three actors in the film.


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