Fast Five (2011)

I’m a fan of fast cars and hot ladies. As I understand it the story picks up after Dominic Toretto is sent to jail. I guess my thinking is kind of different. I kept thinking about Tokyo drift. This story is before Tokyo Drift. In Tokyo Drift I always wondered what is up with Han always eating chips or something. Fast Five answers that question. Also explains why Hans ends up in Tokyo. Anyway I don’t think it really matters watching the flick but if you have followed the sequels its some useless trivia.

Dom played by Ving Diesel goes to jail. Brian played by Paul walker and Mia played by Jordana Brewsters plan Dom’s escape. Dom is on a bus going to jail. The plan is simple, make the bus crash. Brian and Mia head to Brazil. In need of money they do a job stealing some cars. Of course the job goes wrong and police are killed. So they call in the heavy hitter. A real bad ass cop who always gets his man. Luke Hobbs played by Dwayne Johnson. I prefer to still call him the Rock! The Rock is one intense dude. I was wondering he seem to be sweating more than usual.

Dom and Brian both realize they can’t continue on the run from the law. Their plan steal from a local Brazilian gangster. Plus taking down the gangster will help the local people under the control of this gangster. Some how this makes the boys the good guys. In order to pull this job they put a team together. Some old friends like Roman Pierce played by Tyrese Gibson. Also Han Lue played by Sung Kang. Gisele Harabo played by Gal Gadot. I like Hans character, less talk more action. Gisele likes fast cars and she’s good with weapons. What’s not to love about her.

The actual heist seem too incredible but it was still entertaining. Two cars pulling a huge safe all over town, really! Some of the conflicts between the characters seem rather confusing. There was Dom and Vince carrying around old issues I think. Luke Hobbs was at odds with everybody making him seem like a real jerk. Elsa Pataky plays a cop Elena Neves. Elena and Dom stare at each other, I’m wondering what they know or is it just love at first sight. Either way the delivery was strange with no indication of what to think. Perhaps I’m asking to much. I like a story with details that make sense. I recommend the movie, don’t get caught up in past story lines. I like how Brian always wants to know who is the better driver between Dom and himself. It’s funny and I could relate. What was the title about, sequel five? Lastly if you like twist don’t miss the end when Luke Hobbs gets some interesting developments by always sexy Eva Mendez. Now that’s a good way to end any movie, I’m meaning (Eva Mendez).


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