Bridesmaids (2011)

I kept hearing how funny this movie was. By just the title I never would have been interested. Some sappy love chick flick. For the record I was right but there is something special here. I think this movie was perfect for Kristen Wiig. She is a sexy and funny lady or maybe more correct Kristen Wiig nailed the part. I didn’t know how good she looked in underwear. A funny surprise was Melissa McCarthy as Megan. At times she was disturbingly funny. I don’t think I’ve seen such a female character. For a change all the hype has been worthwhile.

Starring Kristen Wiig as Annie, who has problems in the love department. Her best friend Lillian played by Maya Rudolph suddenly announces her wedding engagement. Annie is asked to arrange the wedding as the bridesmaid of honor. Newly friend Helen played by Rose Byrne. Helen wants to be Lillians best friend and wedding planner. So the competition starts between Annie and Helen. Helen wants everything to be lavish while Annie just wants a special wedding for her long time friend. There are plenty of laughs here. I didn’t expect the language hence the rated R. But it really did add to the moment and it was not over the top. Looking up Rose Byrne it’s a pretty mix roles she has done. I really admire her doing different subjects. Now that I think about it these ladies have done a great job. A huge part to Kristen Wiig. It seem subtle the message everybody has problems and there is no perfect relationship. Let’s look at ourselves and laugh at the silly things we do, it’s better than crying.


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