Tranformers: Dark of The Moon

The first Transformers (2007) was great with lots of fun characters. So the third flick I had to see. The main character Sam Witwicky was so irritating and each movie that follows he became even more obnoxious. Maybe a mamas boy whining is a good formula but I can’t stand that character. The only thing I like is that a basically outcast gets the girl. I think Megan Fox was the better love interest. But of course Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is very beautiful. In past Transformers there are lovable characters but I didn’t really get a connection with one in particular. I think they tried with the two small bots. One from the last movie and a new bot that reminded me of a silly monkey.

In this sequel the plot thickens once again. Sam is trying to be normal. Along with the challenges of dating a hot girlfriend. It’s all too familiar and really boring. I would cut most of the beginning. When I start browsing the Internet on my phone it’s not a good sign. It was clever to tie the story with America making it’s first moon trip. To my surprise the familiar characters were comforting. Once the fighting gets going that’s where this movie shines. New enemies and lots of slow motion fight scenes. The scenes with the soldiers in a falling building is pretty cool. I don’t think I could tire watching Transformers fighting. I do get the feeling it’s getting to be a worn out formula. If there’s going to be a next film. I suggest a total revamp. When it becomes predictable the magic is lost. One last thing about love interest Carly. She knew a Decepticon which leaves questions for a sequel I think. Please enough with Shia LaBeouf already. Like many others are starting to say. Not bad  for a buck rental, not bad with popcorn either.


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