Troll Hunter (2010)

I read part of a review and it just seem interesting. I have to say I don’t like the amateur film technique. I don’t know what else to call it. Something happens and the camera is all over the place. You can’t make out anything, to me it’s very annoying. To add to your woes we have subtitles. There are definitely more interesting foreign films out there. The creativeness of this film make it a real joy. Whats going on with Hollywood seems their a step behind in this ingredient in movie making. Of course you could always enjoy the next sequel to Scream. How many Marvel Comics Heroes can they squeeze out. Like a machine making pudding Oh yum! Not completely sure but I guess the movie is out of Norway. Lots of beautiful land with open landscapes.

The movie starts with some college students covering a story about a poacher. There was Thomas played by Glenn Erland Tosterud. He was the reporter. I liked his excitement of it all covering the story. Johanna played by Johanna Morck, she was the sound. She also had that innocence young people can have. This plays well since we are talking Trolls! The camera man Kalle played by Tomas Alf Larsen. Hans or trolljegeren(trollhunter) played by Otto Jespersen. Hans seems like a private man that doesn’t like to talk much. He’s a man of action and in no mood for curious college kids. The trio find Hans believing he is the poacher. One night they follow him. After losing him they manage to find his truck. They get out to look for Hans. After sometime gone by hearing some strange noises. Hans appears and yells Troll! Run! Everybody takes off running for their lives. Once they reach the truck. They notice Thomas has been injured. They all leave together and find Thomas car it has been destroyed by something very big. Folks this movie only gets better from here.

Some questions I ask myself. Why did Hans agree to let them film what he was doing? Why has no one seen a Troll before? How could you miss them, they are huge. (fun) I hope you stopped reading this post half way and are now watching for yourself. I’m not sure do Troll’s like eating Christians very much or do Troll’s hate them so much they eat them? If a Troll hurts you and you live. Will you become a troll? That last one is probably more my imagination. I know people who like movies based on true events. This movie is not for you. To all those dreamers the teacher would call out. Rejoice someone out there gets you. You my friend are home. This film was so fun I love to encourage other to see it.


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