X-Men: First Class (2011)

Continuing the story of X-Men. This story covers the beginnings of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsheerr as Professor X and Magneto. With the first X-Men (2000), X-Men: Last Stand (2006), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), X-Men: First Class (2011). I have been a fan watching each movie. Keeping it tied to each movie that follows. In the 2000 movie I loved Mystique she was very unique and a formidable foe. There is a curiosity of the beginnings of characters we love. I laugh at another prequel but I’m surprised when I see a good movie. The bonus with a new X-Men flick is the chance to discover a different mutant. Let face it mutants are fun.

Starring James McAvoy as Charles Xavier. McAvoy puts a new light to Xavier but still the familiar compassion and wisdom. Michael Fassbender plays Erik Lehnsheerr/Magneto. Expanding the story of Magneto. His experience leading to his anger and influence to fight for the right to be a mutant. It makes sense for what is the classic struggle. Xavier tries to help Erik to channel his power and become friends. I like the story of the two friends. The movie plays on this theme with all the characters trying to find themselves. The surprise in the story was Raven/Mystique played by Jennifer Lawrence. As young children Xavier befriends Raven. Another fun surprise was Hank McCoy/Beast played by Nicholas Hoult.

As you know a Hero needs a great villain. So before Magneto there is Sebastian Shaw played by Kevin Bacon. With ambitions to rule the world without humans. Shaw sets a plan in motion for nuclear war leaving mutants without persecution. Shaw has a right hand woman Emma Frost played by January Jones. Emma Frost like Mystique is unique and formidable foe. There is something so fun being sexy and bad. Another element in this movie is the cooperation with the government working with mutants. Xavier and Erik work together with the support of the government.

I have to say I really liked this movie. It does surprise me only because after a while I think the element of surprise is lost and most movies that try many sequels don’t do a very good job. For example the movie Final Destination. I Think they are on sequel five but I have only seen a couple. The first one I loved. Same with Saw movies I did see them all but didn’t think they were all good. Lastly I didn’t think much about a young Mystique only because Rebecca Romijn did such a great job. Although Raven is a teenager not yet the Mystique we saw in the first movie 2000. Overall I say loads of fun being a mutant with enough of a human touch. This one is popcorn approved!


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