Hanna (2011)

I’ve been waiting to see this movie. Yes the expectations are high. I really don’t like to get that way because of the let down. How could you go wrong with a cast like Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana. Well Eric Bana has a pretty small role. Cate Blanchett has more scenes but the character was a bit of a robot than some one driven. One scene with Blanchett and Bana exchanging gun fire was entertaining but not enough for a whole movie. That leaves Saoirse Ronan to lead and carry the movie. That is a lot to ask of any actor. I think the supporting characters could have been developed better to enhance the lead character.

Eric Bana plays Erik who raises his daughter isolated from the world. Preparing her for combat. Hanna decides she wants more than the life that they have. For her to be safe in the world she must confront Marrisa played by Cate Blanchett. Erik tells Hanna only one can live. The trailer gives away some of the beginning when Hanna let her self be captured in order to confront Marrisa. Marrisa sends in an inposter in her place. Hanna kills her and escapes the government compound. This sets up the chase between Marrisa hunting down Hanna. Hanna along the way discovers about herself and the world she only read in books. Saoirse is cute in her coming of age scenes with the abilities of a Terminator. Marrisa hires Isaacs played by Tom Hollander. My guess Isaacs is a private hit man but he seems more like a serial killer because he seem to love killing way to much.

I thought some of the abilities of Hanna was a stretch. I know its a movie and she’s suppose to be a super human. Over all I would recommend the movie. I have seen far worst. This movie was entertaining despite my build up expectations and being critical on some aspects. Cate Blanchett looked classy and disturbing at the same time. What was all that about brushing your teeth till they bleed? I did enjoy Hanna’s line “I just missed your heart” just so cute!


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