Sympathy for Delicious (2010)

I seen this movie at the video store. Yeah I still visit the video store from time to time. To me the cast seem interesting enough to watch even though I never heard of it before. But sometimes you get lucky and find a great movie. I expected an off beat movie with the idea that the main character heals people and his in a band. After looking it up this is the first time directing for actor Mark Rufalo. The film had a grit to the film which added to the hardship of the story. Over all nice job directing.

Christopher Thornton plays DJ Delicious. He is paralyzed and homeless sleeping in his car. After attending a church that claims to heal people he becomes angry and feeling desperate but something changes in him. The next morning he happens to touch a man sleeping next to his car. Delicious doesn’t notice but the man is healed from his afflictions. Mark Rufalo plays Joe who runs a shelter by the church to help the homeless. Soon Joe realizes the healing power Delicious possesses. He convinces Delicious to help others with his gift. It’s not long before word spread and the church donations double.

During this time Delicious had auditioned to play with a band. Orlando Bloom plays the lead singer names Stain. His character was ridiculous but I think that was intended. Playing bass was Juliette Lewis as Ariel. She tells the band what Delicious can do. The band ask Delicious to join up with them. Delicious finds out the church is making a lot of money from him. He decides he will make what ever money he can. After a performance of the band playing followed by a session of healing. The bands agent Nina Hogue played by Laura Linney. Nina sees stardom and begins plans to expand.

The movie brings to light real human problems. A fear of helplessness, the myriad faces of greed, finding one’s self and being content. Not to forget the poke at religious persona’s holy rollers and such. For me the movie ask a lot of questions and that makes it off beat and entertaining as well. To me the music from the band wasn’t very good and it seem the least of the films focus. Now I’m not sure what it is but I’m a huge fan of Laura Linney. She looked amazing and she plays a cold cut throat business woman and yet I loved it and wanted more. I can’t explain it, the heart wants what the heart wants. I love off beat movies daring to push the way to tell a story. Worth watching plenty of discussion afterwards. Does that make me an off beat kind of guy?


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