Conspirator (2010)

This is one of those movies after watching the trailer I decided I would watch. Not really knowing what I was getting into. It’s seems strange but even stranger more often I discover an interesting story. The focus is what happens after Abraham Lincoln is assassinated. I belief the questions it raises are important back then to present day. One could go on and on. Briefly issues come to mind. Human rights and the right to a fair trial. Current news of today I think of Casey Anthony, I only know the basics of the case. After the verdict people were shocked. I kept thinking we should honor our legal system or ask does our system work. I imagine myself or someone I know and they are accused of a crime. I would want a fair trial in hopes the truth is revealed and justice prevailed assuming I was innocent. I think people tend to feel unaffected until your the one in the seat.

A very good cast put together here. Starring James McAvoy as Frederick Aikin. A war hero looking at civilian life starting a law practice. He is asked to defend Mary Surratt played by Robin Wright. Surratt rents rooms of her house to make a living. Mary Surratt has a daughter Anna Surratt played by Evan Rachel Wood. Also a son John Surratt played by Johnny Simmons. I thought Kevin Kline and Tom Wilkinson added nicely their craft. Justin Long plays friend Nicholas Baker. A small part but nice to seem him in a drama. I can’t forget the the lawyer for the prosecution Joseph Holt played by Danny Huston. He was a real bastard I have to say. I felt moved by the seemingly apparent lack of a fair trial. It seem pre determined to convict and execute Mary Surratt. The thinking was this is what the country needs to mourn the loss and move on. You have to remember the time was during civil war and the president had been killed. People were hurt and it could give strength to the south.

The question rises about what you belief in. America was different than its European counterpart. All men are created equal and they had rights. Government was to serve not to rule over the people. Some would put principals aside in troubled times. This movie reminds me we cannot compromise principals because we are in a dire situation. It’s then when one should stand by their beliefs. It seem long ago there was only one truth. Today the truth seems a mystery. What seems to matter is appearance. The news a couple of days covered what the president was traveling in, some black bus. This is what news is all about. Any issue worth covering is lost to ridiculous dramas. We our one big Jerry Springer society. I don’t know what happen, lost my head for a moment. All you wanted to know is the movie worth watching. If you like period movies or base on history. Like I said before I think the acting was top notch and Robert Redford as director I’m a fan in his acting career and directing. Just don’t get me started. peace!


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