Feast (2005)

The best never gets old. Lately the movies I have seen have not inspired me to write about them. I could just fill space to have content but I’m not interested. So looking at my movie library what does inspire to share a movie to watch. It was easy the first movie that came to mind. To say Feast is a horror flick diminishes the great work done by everyone involved making it. The movie has much more ingredients that add making it to me a classic movie. The casting of this movie was perfect. The mixture of horror and comedy blends so well. Above all its a horror flick with lots of terror and lots of gore. If you don’t like messy bloody movies beware! Throughout the movie we are terrified and then break out in laughs. There is a clear sense that the audience is being messed with during the film. It’s subtle much like the comedy. When everything is normal people act a certain way that is acceptable but then all hell breaks loose. How will you act and who is going to die? If your like me I ask myself these questions during a movie. In this gem clues are given as the movie introduces the players. For example Jason Mewes plays as himself nickname Edgy Cat. The screen displays some facts about the character and at the bottom it has life expectancy for Edgy Cat it says exceeded expectations. Edgy cat had a small role in this movie but it’s funny right.

The movie starts with a bang no time for foreplay here. Eric Dane plays Hero telling everyone to prepare for the beast coming to this isolated bar. Someone says who are you. Hero states I’m the one thats going to save your ass! Unfortunately the beast gets to our Hero taking his head? With a severed head blood squirts all over the waitress Honey Pie played by Jenny Wade. Now it could have easily been someone standing there splashing Honey Pie with a bucket of fake blood getting her soaked. This is funny to me, if you don’t agree well you have no business watching or reading on. Anyway this is just the beginning of a very long night. The terrified patrons lockup the bar best they could. That was a joke you can’t secure a door with a chair but its funny just the same.

Probably the best is the cast making it terrible scary and funny to watch. Henry Rolling plays a motivational speaker nickname Coach. Navi Rawat plays Heroine after her husband looses his head in the beginning. She keeps the flag high in order to survive and reunite with her daughter. Judah Freidlander plays Beer Guy. You just have to watch I can’t say anymore. The beautiful Krista Allen plays Tuffy. Her character was tough and to me a surprise performance. Jenny Wade not very tough hence her nickname Honey Pie. She was the hot girl who gets covered in blood. Eileen Ryan plays Gradma. I loved her role as everyone in this movie. Yes I loved the movie I bought a copy and enjoy watching every time. Lastly there are two sequels to this movie but I have to say the quality is not the same. In my perverse curiosity I watched them all. In order to out do the original it gets too over the top. What stands out to me is the cleverness of the original, there is not match. The sequels tend to rely on twist and gore to shock. To me the original Feast stands alone as a classic horror flick.


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