The Warrior’s Way (2010)

Once noticing Kate Bossworth was in the movie. That’s it I had to see it. One movie that I think she did great in was Beyond the Sea. Very classy look could have been a Kennedy. I think it’s funny because this movie is for all those who don’t like subtitles. There are some fun films out there with martial arts/western mixed and subtitles. So for all you lazy peeps here you go. Tony Cox has been in some funny movies like Me, Myself & Irene and Bad Santa just top of my head. This movie has lots of fighting scenes with just enough of the human story.

Dong-gun Jang plays Yang the best swordsman in the world. He kills like no other and it you blink you will miss it. It’s really heavy on the fantasy here so get use to it. Jang defeats his enemy and only a baby girl is left of the clan. Yang must kill the baby but as he prepares he sees the baby smile. Yes folks its true that’s all it takes to tame a life long killer. He realizes he feels empty achieving being the best. He decides to save the baby. Now his own clan is hunting him down. Yang escapes to a distant land. Maybe New Mexico or Arizona not sure. He goes to see an old friend. His friend is nomore but he finds a broken town with broken people who are just surviving. Kate Bossworth plays Lynne who helps Yang find a new life. Besides the clan after him. The town has its past with a villain the Colonel who has a taste for young ladies. The Colonel had killed Lynne at least he thought he did. Yang teaches Lynne to fight with swords. A bit of a romance develops between Yang and Lynne. The movie moved pretty quick mostly its about fighting and lots of it.

The movie was entertaining with all the fancy sword play. It’s pretty much fantasy the way Yang springs into action and kills rather easily. When you think the two top fighter meet you will get a show but usually Yang kills quickly. The more detailed fight was Lynne and the Colonel. I rather see a more challenging fight. So nice job Ms. Bossworth cute and dangerous. Martial arts fans probably already seen this movie. I’m just catching up with you. Fun to watch and in English.


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