Sucker Punch (2011)

Ever watch a movie and you go WTF! This was really close. I’m trying to grasp the unknown. I think a nerd and a stripper had sex. Both can’t express feelings and this is the end result. (I kid, I kid) sort of because it seems like it a bit. It’s one thing to have a fantasy in a movie but to have a fantasy within that starts to ask a lot of a person to keep up with. Inception did it very well but I would not want that in a movie again. I kept telling myself think of it as dreaming. It’s the only thing that explains strange realities. Of course the young ladies are cute and who can’t appreciate a burlesque wardrobe for the entire movie.

As strange and silly my description I have to say how much I enjoyed the action in the movie. The first fight with Baby Doll and some giant samurai warriors (I think) was silly but fun just the same. Another fight scene with all the girls in the action. The creatures well not sure what the name. Throw in a dragon fight. I liked the dragon it looked good to me. Fighting zombie Nazi was silly yet fun to watch the ladies kick some butt. I think this movie throws to stories together. One Baby Doll is sent to a mental hospital and she has to cope with the death of her mother and sister. She escapes by creating a world of sex slaves with Baby Doll able to amaze with her dancing. That would have been just fine to follow and build on. Oh! No not good enough for these guys.(guys – people who made this movie) While Baby doll dances she escapes that and create a world where she is a bad ass fighting evil. (with crew of course) I don’t hate it because the action was silly fun. Trying to get to complex I was not in the mood for it, maybe that is it.

Would I recommend the movie, yes but not to everyone. Some nerd that loves anime and plays video games just might go crazy. Would the ladies enjoy it (interesting question) which really ask who is the target for this movie. I don’t know, I thought it would be based on some game come to the movie screen. With names like Baby Doll, Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie and Amber. Cute females with guns and blades being bad asses. Yeah! I’ll rent that movie. I’m a guy throw some pretty ladies in the movie and I bite every time. Would I want to see it at the theater. Well that’s a different questions. Now you ask me to spend money. Hmm! I’m glad I didn’t see it at the theater. So there you have it. I liked the action overall the movie was ok. I’m on the fence about it.


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