The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

I liked the movie trailer that I was compelled to go out and rent. Does one have free will. If so what of the idea of soul mates? Destine to be great? Even better If your so in love you’ll risk everything even your own life. Yes there are plenty inspiration for anyone to pick and run with. Such is the fun with The Adjustment Bureau. From the movie trailer I thought it was a love story at heart. Emily Blunt and Matt Damon make a good couple in a rather short time of it. The back door scenes make me think of the Matrix. Are you thinking everything goes back to the Matrix with me. Well really I say NO! Only when it seems to fit baby!

Matt Damon plays David Norris. Fate has plans for him. Running for congressman. David meets Elise Sellas played by Emily Blunt. From the first time they meet and the kiss didn’t hurt. David is hopelessly in love with Elise. The problem is the adjustment bureau has different plans for David. It’s a bit strange but in a relatively short movie there is a lot of time that goes by. Three years the first time. I guess you never forget your first love or is it true love not sure. I make fun because it seems there are about four ladies that could be my true love if only the stars would a line. Meaning its more about timing but there is never any guarantee it will last. Despite the obvious lack of inspiration of true love don’t think I don’t seek it. What else inspires us more?

Besides some trick doors its a rather lack luster for special effects in a Sci-Fi romantic drama. The truth any more might take away from any seriousness from the movie considering the topic. You can tell maybe the movie was rather quick for me. Usually this means it was good, your into the movie and time goes by. It’s funny the men working for the adjustment bureau were agents and there was the chairman. It’s smart keeping it somewhat neutral. It’s funny I think who would play the chairman. In the matrix Neo meets the architect and I thought it rather disappointing. What about Billy Zane. I mean he playrd a devil why not the chairman. I laugh with you I hope! Lastly I enjoyed Elise Sellas she was a wild card. It’s cool when a woman says things unexpected.


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