Battle Los Angeles (2011)

I’ve been wanting to see this movie for a long time. The aliens are coming! Never mind natural disasters look out for those pesky aliens. I love the push for grand action flicks. As technology improves movies can explore are wildest fears. Hostile aliens who are seemingly invincible versus a jar head. I make fun of their hair style but this is a ode to the heart of a marine. Similar at least to me of their courage like the flick Black Hawk Down. The same spirit against terrible odds. It lifts your spirit to see them prevail. What is it they say “Hoorah!

Starring Aaron Eckhart as Sgt. Michael Nantz. Ready for light duty and then retire. Finds himself in the front line trying to get civilians out of harms way. What seem like a meteor shower was actual an alien invasion. Lead by Lt. William Martinez in his first command. Aliens forces take over the sky. The marines are force to find a way to get to the safe zone before the military launch an air strike. Bridget Moynahan plays Michele one of the civilians. Also Joe Rincon played by Michael Pena. As the movie goes the marines are concern about Nantz with rumors he got marines killed in his last mission. Michelle Rodriguez plays Tsgt. Elena Santos. Now a days we have a lady in the mix. Well Michelle has been into action films for some time nice job for the ladies. My only complain is why can’t we get more of the alien. You could say to know less gives you more suspense. I don’t agree knowing more completes the story although I think its harder to create a complete story but I think it would be worth while result.

I definitely enjoyed the movie. I’m from L.A. Most of the time I didn’t recognize places but its been a long time since I was there. Eckhart is both tough and compassionate. All of the cast played good marines. Jim Parrack as Lcpl. Peter Kerns who also plays in True Blood. Even Ne-Yo as Cpl. Kevin Harris a rather small part but still well acted. Plenty of action in a rather quick movie. It was over before the popcorn made me sick. Considering how little there was about the aliens the effects seem a bit small scale. Yeah! I know my expectations were high but really I can’t complain because simply I was entertained. Till the next alien invasion be ready Sci-Fi buffs!


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