Passion Play (2010)

I’m looking at the selection at a nearby kiosk. I see this movie with Mickey Rourke, Megan Fox, Bill Murray and Kelly Lynch. I immediately had to see this movie. I must admit it seems on the peculiar when it’s about an angel. A woman with wings or better yet Megan Fox with wings. How could anyone resist? Then you have Bill Murray and Kelly Lynch who I can’t remember their last movie. I was a big fan back in the 80’s of Kelly Lynch with her unique smile. Bill Murray the guys a movie Icon enough said. But anytime a movie deals with, how should I say unique subject its a gamble even for the best of actors. Off beat movie is one thing but angels well I can’t remember any movie with the subject. This is probably good no comparison comes to mind.

Mickey Rourke plays down and out Nate. Once a Jazz musician now living on the scraps given to him. Rourke plays well a broken down man. I remember Barfly the guy has made a career of down and out characters. I guess stick with what your good at. Nate happen to sleep with the Mob boss wife and now his taken for a drive to the desert. To my surprise the thug doing the dirty deed was Chuck Liddell from the UFC mixed martial arts. Strange I don’t see him on the cast list. In a twist of fate Nate escapes execution from a strange instance when some men kill the thug. On foot Nate comes to a carnival strangely again in the middle of nowhere. As he wanders looking for a phone he sees Lily in display. Lily a beautiful woman seems normal until her wings expand. It’s quite a scene really. Later Nate ends up talking to Lily getting to know her a bit. The leader of the Carnival grabs Nate. Sam played by Rhys Ifans fears Nate is trying to steal Lily. Before Nate is hurt Lily saves him. Crashing through the tent Nate and Lily escape.

The plan is simple Nate will manage Lily and make tons of money for Shannon and Nate. The deal Shannon get money and doesn’t kill Nate. Happy Shannon played by Bill Murray, once Shannon sees the beautiful angel all bets are off. Lily decides to save Nate by going with Shannon. Her condition Nate wouldn’t be hurt. The story is good to me because its different. Sometimes movies try to create a moment of wonder but its tricky because sometimes it comes off boring. To me some of the scenes were a bit boring taking to long to move on. The character Nate was not very smart it’s amazing he lived this long. I did liked the scene with Nate playing the trumpet for Lily. The upside has to be Megan Fox. A movie showing her beauty. Many times she looked amazing making me wonder what is she doing with this loser Nate. Or even what is she doing in this movie. Her character was innocent something the toughest man would melt at her every wish. I’m on the fence with this movie. Not a terrible movie at all. Yet I’m not running down the street to suggest a must see. If you like off beat movies its worth a dollar rental. What’s missing I’m not sure. Maybe less still moments but mainly I think the subject of an angel its tough to sell. How will a viewer see it. All that said the ending was a delight to me. Which I rather you saw if you decide to take a chance with something different.


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