The Mechanic (2011)

Not another Transporter please. Although Natalya Ridakova makes a good argument. I kid Mr. Statham don’t want to upset the man. Any one who gets to work with Amy Smart is my hero. To me most of Statham’s roles have that I’m a good guy aspect. That’s not a bad thing a bit safe but I was surprised to see I slightly different angle in this movie. Now Ben Foster plays unusual characters. In 30 Days of Night he really shows a crazed stranger. He really shines in Pandorum as I pretty normal guy. His character in 3:10 To Yuma crazy gunslinger. Each movie was better with casting Ben Foster he brings good characters to the table. I think it’s funny the term mechanic as code for hit man. Close your eyes and think mechanic. I don’t know about you but I see blue overalls grease rag and hands stained with oils and grease, sorry I just don’t visualize.

Starring Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop a.k.a. The Mechanic. I really don’t buy the first scenes when Arthur is in a pool with diving gear waiting for his target. Then he casually walks out. Apart from the beginning the rest of the action seem very good to me. When necessary the killing was to the point without any glamour. I liked the action it seem intense and brutal but without the over done theatrics. I did like Transporter but variety is a good thing. The company that Arthur works for gave him his next job. Turns out it’s his friend and business contact Harry played by Donald Sutherland. Again the movie holds no punches Arthur follows instructions believing Harry had gone rogue for his own interest. The twist Arthur begins to mentor Harry’s son. Steve McKenna played by Ben Foster. Steve is an violent runaway train heading right at you. The short training was cool I learned a lot (I kid). Throughout the movie the theme is consistent in your face violence but always in control we are professionals.

Arthur finds out his been betrayed by the company who now wants him dead. There is that aspect and also you have Arthur and Steve. When will Steve find out and what will he do. For about an hour and half time flew by with all the action. There was some dialogue probably necessary to the plot otherwise its killing time. This was just fine with me. Sometimes I guy doesn’t want to talk and just needs to shoot something. The ending I thought was clever and fun. This one is for the guys. Not that the ladies wouldn’t like the movie but really guys love it. One in the chest and one in the head. That’s how we do! The only thing missing was a funny guy to lighten the mood. But I didn’t notice during the flick too busy watching the action.


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