I Am Number Four (2011)

I first heard about the book last year. I don’t remember why I didn’t read it, but now it’s become a movie nice! Now I remember I’m into reading crime stories right now more specifically serial killers. It’s a phase I’m going through right now. From what I read the story sounds very fresh. Well sort of its similar to the comic book heroes. I guess similar to superman who is an alien from another planet. Unfortunately this movie comes at a time when so many movies have raised the bar in might not appeal so much. I think this because under the action is a basic teen story coming to terms with who he is past and present. How many super heroes movies can we take and still be surprised. Still new faces and story bring enough excitement worth of action films.

John Smith played by Alex Pettyfer is one of nine children hiding on earth after their own planet falling to a race called the Mogadorians. John is looked after by Henri played by Timothy Olyphant. John and Henri are from a planet called Lorien. The nine children are gifted with special powers called Legacies. Henri only a normal Lorien can fight with the best of them but in the end no match for the Mogadorians. The Mogadorians are hunting down each child. I guess before they become into their own with their powers. I didn’t think the Mogadorians were all that great as a foe. Nine children are special and the only ones who could stop the Mogadorians. They were tall which I thought they walked funny. They were stronger than humans. I can’t say the Mogadorians were memorable kind of flat. A hero of any kind needs a great adversary otherwise it goes to waste all that power.

I could appreciate the teen side of the story. New kid in town leading to boy meets girl. There’s even the sports jock ex boyfriend. I thought Sarah played by Dianna Agron was charming and the puppy love was as good as any. That’s the best compliment I could muster. What really sparked my interest was Number Six played by Teresa Palmer. How sexy is a girl on a Ducati? Please refer to Carrie-Anne Moss in the Matrix Reloaded. Of course a good looking Number Six is not enough and she does not disappoint. I believe Six saves John. Together they overcame the Mogadorians. Oh! I cant forget the strange pets these new aliens carry around. Overall the creatures were funny more than menacing but aliens would seem that way to me. It will be interesting to see if the follow up books will become movies as well. As for me I found I Am Number Four very entertaining and would say don’t miss for all those Sci-Fi fans out there. I don’t know you but I know your out there. Live long my friends live long.


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