The Way Back (2010)

After watching this movie it’s hard to say “impossible”. I also felt glad to have freedom to live the best one can make it. No one banging down my door because I don’t agree with the government. This is what stood out to me with this movie. The will humans can have despite the odds. The cruelty of man’s history. We have to stop saying “They” and see it affects us all and say “We”. In my opinion a movie must entertain no matter the subject. Base on real events or some crazy Sci-Fi adventure the bottom line does it entertain? I usually prefer fiction with human perplexity. I get reality every day. In a movie I like a break from every day life. This movie with it’s struggle both man and obstacle of the journey is a compelling story.

Jim Sturgess plays Janusz from Poland accused of being a spy is sent to prison in Siberia. In prison he meets Mr. Smith played by Ed Harris. They plan to escape but the plan is not kept a secret. Colin Farrel plays Valka a criminal who invites himself to the escape. Soon enough they set out through the forest. The snow storm prevents them from seeing where their going. Janusz smartly makes a mask to protect them from tree bark. It’s Janusz resourcefulness that helps them throughout the journey. Valka not the friendliest is bluntly honest but as time goes on he grows on you. Along the journey they meet Irena played by Saoirse Ronan a runnaway. The men actually get to know each other through Irena talking to each man about the other companions.

Looking at a map it’s crazy to think about. Start in Siberia, Mongolia, China and finally to India. All this traveling on foot. The toughest of their journey came when they traveled through the desert. Without much food and water the heat of the sun took two of the members. It’s hard to have a glimpse of what they were going through. Over and over they would overcome obstacles most would not even consider. Once in Tibet they were advice to stay till spring but Janusz felt he could not stop afraid of not being able to continue later. Sets out to India threw the Himalaya mountains. Years past before Janusz can return to Poland. What a story I tell Ya! A very good cast and the landscape was mostly very beautiful. It’s not action pack or feel good till the end that is but it has something special. I recommend watching especially all you true story fans out there, Yeah you.


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